Baidu theme promotion product upgrades, the two major features of the bright line

Baidu alliance members, Hello:

Baidu theme promotion products in January 24, 2008 to upgrade.

The upgrade of

new channel statistics and the promotion of cooperation as the theme to promote alternate content function.

update after the introduction of new features:

1 theme promotion channel statistics function

theme promotion has two channels to choose from: custom channels and URL channels.

by setting up and using custom theme promotion channels, allows you to track more specific theme promotion code promotion effect; the use of URL to promote the theme channel, lets you track comparison containing a specific page promotion theme promotion effect. You can use up to 16 URL channels and 16 custom channels to leverage them to maximize the information needed to improve the site’s results.

2 will be promoted as an extension of the theme of the content of the content function

to enhance the user experience and benefits to promote the theme, alternate content Baidu alliance will promote cooperation as the theme of the promotion, as the theme promotion without any matching business promotion content system will automatically display the promotion content for your cooperation. To promote the promotion of the content of the candidate income, you can view the results from the promotion of cooperation from the theme promotion tab.

want to immediately experience the theme of the promotion of the product after the upgrade of the two new features


please refer to: what is the theme promotion channel?

on the promotion of cooperation as the theme of the promotion of alternate content?

we welcome members of the League to experience the theme of the promotion of new features, put forward your valuable comments and suggestions. Send mail to [email protected]

here, we deeply appreciate the alliance members of the Baidu alliance has been the support and attention!

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