Chinese love and marriage website the eggs under the capital

2008, BabyBoom (baby boom) born in 1987 to enter the marriageable age, set off a new round of wedding tide.

burning.Com has gone, Ying.Com did not come.

, this is the collective predicament of Internet industry in economic cold winter.

dating sites are no exception.

what’s the money making effect that adds to your career or emotional business?.

is very learned, very subtle.

the sweetness of winter.

In December 5th

, the world’s largest dating site, the American IAC company (NASDAQ:IACI) subsidiary company, has announced seven years in November a member of the website the number of strong growth, the company explained, "because people in poor economic environment, trying to find hope and love from the marriage website."

the eyes of many people in the industry, compared with the current U.S. Chinese future, about $500 million just before the marriage network network". China is not only larger than the U.S. population, age unmarried people more larger, and has a history of thousands of years of "red culture" and "traditional dating", also has tens of thousands of offline dating service companies. No wonder after Netsun (002095) chairman Sun Deliang "China dating sites listed at least 5 times the number for the United States" such shocking words.

one hundred million: what a big sweet cake,

early 2008, CNNIC (China Internet Information Center) released survey shows that in the existing 210 million Chinese Internet users, 55% of young unmarried groups, more than one hundred million single users. – – how do these one hundred million groups that share the Internet accurately hit the dessert they need?

iResearch iResearch launched in April this year, the "2007-2008 Chinese online dating industry research report" shows that in 2007 China’s online dating users has reached about 22500000 people, the majority of users has exceeded the size of 10 million; in 2007 the overall online dating market scale reached 500 million yuan, is expected to 2008, China’s online dating market will reach 300 million yuan.

It is noted that

and 2004-2006 had Chinese scale online dating market were 20 million yuan, 70 million yuan, 180 million yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of nearly 100% compared to 2007-2011 network of friends (including the concept of campus dating) the annual growth rate is expected to reach about 35%.


report also said, "with the European market online dating service business models mature, under the support of funds, China dating website has entered a stage of rapid development, has greatly improved the user willingness to pay. >

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