would like to be the fixed point

will be in the start-up company for another two months, and in another four months I will have been working for seven years. In seven years, I’ve gone through three companies, done different positions, experienced hundreds of colleagues, worked in the same Team, no fewer than 60 colleagues. Did the different business, the software, the system, or the site, the client application, for a while, while the Internet, while WAP, a MMS, while the embedded application of Idea, while another is the new media portal project, so, if you really enumerate, various projects have experienced and Idea also has dozens of. Each project is planning, brainstorming, research, project, team formation, division of labor, meetings, promotion, implementation, overtime work, inspection, review, adjustment, celebration or termination. There are non-stop over different teams, technology, products, operations, customer service, administration, recruitment, interview, training, training, Team Building, a party, dinner, performance appraisal, assessment, salary scale retain turnover.

What does

bring to me in addition to experience and experience? What about turbulence?. Projects, personnel, and positions are constantly changing.

from the rational level, I believe that "change is eternal", positive "embrace change", and use the same words to motivate members of the team. But I found this scene and when I look forward to the "" chicken dog day small territory and population "voice is heard, laosibuxiangwanglai" picture is too far. People always feel anxious and uneasy when faced with change. It is natural psychology, not a change of reason.

then, how do we resolve the contradiction between "eternal change" and "turbulent anxiety"? It should be faith and belief. I would like to be a fixed point, so that some definite things appear in the uncertain changes. Let friends and relatives believe that work can change, the project can change, but there will be immutable things, that is, I treat everyone, listen to each sound.

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