ndividual stationmaster can consider a few kinds of make money modelEBay announced an advertising a


4, charge membership fees: This is also part of the web site products, but this is not capital, technology only. Like 3800HK, these hacker stations collect members.

3, charge intermediary costs to make money: like Witkey, it has to buyers, sellers have come to your station, this difficulty is a little big, just mention, you can not consider. Like advertising alliances, these are also included as intermediary fees!

website makes money on the general, so that the form is not much later, in short, that you have what other people want, others willing to pay, this is called making money.

The Associated Press reported, shlf1314 and eBay on Monday announced the establishment of advertising alliance. According to the agreement, shlf1314 will be sold on the eBay auction site advertising, while the two sides will also be in the eBay platform to provide a "click to call" click-to-call function, allowing buyers the phone quickly with the sellers.

by "click to call" function, potential buyers only need to click on the link you can call.shlf1314 with the eBay alliance with the seller can make the "click to call" web technology have a broader group of users, while accelerating the technology popularization and

The application of

advertising to make money: flow up the first way to make money is to rely on advertising to make money, like to click on ads, pop-up ads, according to the effect of percentage of advertising, advertising is more, here also see the nature of the site to see what specific advertising to make money. There are plenty of ways to make money in this way.

for many webmasters, personal websites are in an embarrassing situation where there is no profit. Do the first condition is to make money if you are standing before opening the new station just don’t want to go to make money, the first thought is how to improve website publicity, improve the flow of traffic, up from the money is not far away, if your site visitors have no one that also don’t talk to make money. Here I will analyze how to make money on personal websites:

2, the website selling the product to make money: if you have enough resources, if you have enough credit, if your site is high quality IP, then you can choose to sell products to make money, do the best site do the better, here on their own website to promote high quality IP after the introduction of money. Selling products making money sites are not in the minority.

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