The market calls for regional advertising alliancest is not easy to understand the Wangzhuan 6 prob

Wangzhuan development again good also is only "part-time", linked to the next line is king

young people pay attention to a love like 09 years began to rise done in one vigorous effort, Taobao guest website, I think until now want to join the novice is no longer a minority, but a real problem in front of us, that is the living space more and more small guest website, even the webmaster has to make money we can not guarantee that a into one, just last month, sh419 also issued a statement is clear against the guest website, but it can not be understood as the guest website does not have development potential, a friend like me, do I recommend similar websites, halitosis therapy products, a month easily make 6000, this is a very successful example, but the novice in such an inspiring news before to be calm, because the success of a project is not a few people will be able to explain, I Before carry out this business must want to clear the bottleneck of the development of it brings, pragmatic to make a comment, go to the development of all the matters in this basis, like Taobao, it is probably the station group like Arabian Nights.

good projects can be replicated, but on a pragmatic basis, calm development,

to tell you the truth, now contact the site of the new Adsense, general practitioners direction for four kinds, the first is open shop, the second is Taobao guest, and the third is content station pull advertising, the fourth is the blog. And all this business form cannot do without the Internet, it is possible for this reason, some novice Wangzhuan attitude is too narrow, always pure thought Wangzhuan is occurring on the network to make money, but this is really the case? Or take Amoy industry, sh419’s arrogant presumably everyone knows a careless, direct pull out a hair is not left, if your guest website relying on the network environment, relying on sh419 ranking to bring traffic, I think if one day your sh419 K, it is equal to you no way out. Just under such conditions, who will not worry about the future? The same situation, another friend, although sh419 drop right, included in half, but did not affect the power of people to make money, why? Because of him while he can also be the website ranking, and local the forum conducted a number of cooperation, has a strong appeal in our Zhucheng, and the vertical flow of brand is how sh419 can’t kill, that.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

rapid development of the Internet, which makes the Master Wangzhuan what is beyond count, more, some just in Wangzhuan novice can achieve earn tens of thousands of results, I think everyone will be exciting, but this is an explosive news obviously caught many beginner heart, so a shares of a young people to join Wangzhuan industry began fishing gold, but everyone will get what they want from here? I think it is not necessarily, Wangzhuan more crazy, more novice need to calmly.

    at present for the regional nature of the site, asked to judge the region IP, only shlf1314, sogou  have this technology. Other advertising alliances use very little,
      there are many businesses and websites that need ads in this area, but they can’t find the source.

within the targeted advertising that is short-term can effectively promote the

if the alliance developed a set of advertising system, when users open the Wuhan area that Wuhan area advertising, Suzhou area users open to display in Suzhou advertising, regardless of the area of the integrated nature of the advertising display. Such an advertising alliance will soon emerge.

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