Web site micro-blog’s writing skills and online marketingThe content of Entrepreneurship fame and a

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, below I talk about marketing micro-blog’s opening writing skills, there are the following, welcome to revise the supplement:

5. official micro-blog for third party affairs do not agree with the background or identity without any association.

6. how to express an opinion in an unfamiliar field.

has now entered the era of

4. micro-blog content failed to closely link its product or company culture, products, or other extensions related to the company.

here, I combine myself and the experience I have collected online to share with you. General micro-blog is divided into: personal micro-blog, marketing micro-blog, enterprise micro-blog official micro-blog a few kinds. Personally think that to communicate with micro-blog and a group of like-minded people themselves, can fully exert the value of micro-blog, can break the boundaries of time and space, realize the thinking of the collision, also can be the first time to know the latest relevant information on themselves. This is similar to online advertising, which is related to choosing your own industry.

I of micro-blog marketing understanding, marketing staff to write, and to his own career friends for purpose, not to outsiders Yan micro-blog as the main purpose of the dissemination of information. An example: if a person opened a shop, the letter of the digital products, and in his micro-blog, it should be 15-30 years of age or who are interested in network digital people, like to choose the main theme of the digital network forum to do Internet advertising almost.

in this article more than 6000 words long article, we recorded these young people and their ambitions: Orange entertainment, mutual entertainment, New World Heroes, Papi sauce, the new list, the logic of thinking…… Together we witness the name and profit of our generation.


or 3. each in two words or three or feel 140 words, not enough.

2. failed to consider the difference between computer reading and cell phone reading.



in this article more than 6000 words long article, we recorded these young people and their ambitions: Orange entertainment, mutual entertainment, New World Heroes, Papi sauce, the new list, the logic of thinking…… Together we witness the name and profit of our generation.

1. micro-blog open, should pay attention to and find themselves in line to related sites to open their own micro-blog, limit yourself to talk about micro-blog, can be properly set wide, if necessary, can also extend the range of appropriate. But the main nucleus must be related to the product you’re promoting or the industry you’re in, because maybe your micro-blog fans are pushing you

we see more and more talented, idealistic young people began to pour into the content of culture, start the army, and then the same gold rush; and associated with the entertainment industry, is content to lead the people of the renaissance".

this is the fourth thing 5th anniversary features, the focus of the development content of the entertainment industry and the star company in this industry.

in 2012 May, Tang Yiqing from the Cannes Film Festival, Li Bingbing completed a cover shoot, that was very influential magazine home not only hold the fashion media discourse is the weight of the circle, can also provide the top manufacture resource network of the era of new media can not provide. But after the completion of this work, Tang Tang resigned, because she knew the traditional magazines with huge resources, long time to achieve the influence, has been quietly changing, a star, a red KOL when these words are far from popular using its influence in social communication you can, such as a lever to pry a >

1. micro-blog micro-blog official and personal differences in content, view, interaction, information dissemination, rather than individual micro-blog into a company product promotion platform, the company micro-blog do personal emotional vent field.

but many people who use micro-blog to do Internet marketing may face the same problems as follows:

de Snape is the" four big business in the field of content industry is obviously so sexy recently, from fame — from too much recently, a burst of red, overnight wild tales.

micro-blog, in the rise of China’s speed is less than the ears of thunder, when a person does not know what is micro-blog, the second day wake up, micro-blog has become the most popular keywords on the network. There are also a lot of people see the inside business opportunities, using micro-blog to advertise, have achieved very good results.

this time, choose to do agriculture, education, science and technology, deep consumer goods business, often requires a strong reason, the reason is mostly childhood feelings or idealism on the future of the world. They need such a reason, because they need to convince investors, venture partners and staff together to persuade, convince seed users, sometimes in order to convince their own tired, especially in the prospect of the industry is also not clear, and when climbing the business requires patience and perseverance.

Young people are the most outstanding

but in this year’s hottest "consumer – is the" four big business in the field, but the content of industry friends seems to bypass the reason for this is so obviously a sexy – Legend overnight explosion of red, there is too much. But in the recent industry from humanity never denied with the name, but with the in-depth interviews, we find that upstream has been back, let these young people choose the starting point of the content of entrepreneurship, it is that they cannot tolerate the old life.

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