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industry has taken a lot of praise for the open platform, and even believes that the spring of grassroots entrepreneurs is coming. In the end, which platform is more conducive to growth, developers have their own set of standards, users and revenue is undoubtedly their choice of the platform’s two laws. Although nearly 70% of developers are still on the brink of profitability, they still believe that a good platform will provide them with opportunities.

days ago, during the Asian Mobile Communications Exhibition held in Shanghai, China Mobile, NOKIA, BlackBerry have held their developers conference, attempt to rely on technology, operation, etc. for Chinese into 1 million developers. The three meeting also scheduled to start at 2:30, but because a large number of industry heavyweights to participate in, "utility" developers are mostly flooded into the China Mobile conference room.

July 6th, the U.S. data monitoring agency AppAnnie said that in the first quarter of this year, iOS Platform China App downloads ranked second in the world. But in sharp contrast, China’s iOS platform revenue ranked only eighth worldwide. China’s average revenue per download is only $0.03, 0.28 of the $1/10 in us customers.

information consulting service limited company all day long leader Mr. Gao told the "daily economic news" reporter: "NOKIA and BlackBerry are not the mainstream, but China Mobile can also, but only music video application, customized ringing tone, there is little hope, other basic game."

in the past year, the tide of opening and cooperation has set off a huge wave in the Internet industry. Both the Internet giant, the mobile operating system, and the telecom operators have raised the banner of "opening up".


although Mr. Gao is not satisfied with the benefits of mobile mall, but compared with other developers, he has been lucky.

operator platform dilemma

. Many companies are still struggling to find in global competition. In the long run, the competitive edge will depend on whether the company can build its core competitiveness at lower cost and faster pace than its rivals. Management has the ability to integrate the entire company’s technology and production skills into core competencies, so that businesses can grasp the changing opportunities in a timely manner, that is the real advantage.

diversified corporation is a large tree, the trunk and major limbs are the core products, the smaller branches are business units, leaves, flowers and fruits are end products. The root system is the company’s core competitiveness, providing nutrients and supporting roots.

many companies turn to external suppliers in order to reduce internal investment act, is actually their core competitiveness to give to others. In addition, if the company has developed the necessary capabilities in the existing business, but then give up the opportunity to build core competitiveness, but also will lead to the loss of core competitiveness.

brand promotion with this recipe, the most effective way in July minus 500-1000 yuan


this data once again aroused the domestic developers community resonance.

China Mobile Internet base mobile mall market sources, as of June this year, the whole network mobile mall, the number of registered users reached 200 million, daily downloads up to 2 million enterprises, 7696 developers, individual developers in 3 million 720 thousand, more than 120 thousand apps. However, while the number of applications has been growing rapidly, revenue has not improved. Sales are currently around 50 million yuan, taking 37 with developers

it is understood that the company’s original main business mobile phone SP, is inextricably linked with the operators, now in the China Mobile app store MobileMarket hereinafter referred to as the mobile mall start third party application development, but the income has plummeted compared to SP, "every month to earn hundreds of thousands of very easy, now every month will earn more than 10000, in the mobile application store, music, video and books are used relatively easy to profit."

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