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financing is a good job fly recommended, because he is compared to other Wangzhuan quick return, good reputation. From the beginning to now, the station has received promotion commission Chinese easy loan for four months, 15 per month before time through Alipay hit your account up, why always recommend you do this project? Because it does not require us to invest, without any risk, as long as I have to the forum, blog, as long as there is a place where people can post around day earn tens of dollars, according to the understanding of this project a lot of people, but really stick to few people live, that is do not many people, so we operate this project is still great room for, as long as the master can earn thousands of yuan above, this is nonsense, this is a few months to fly and sum up experience, introduce how to do the financing Promotion Ambassador, the real monthly part-time earn 1000 yuan


share transfer system adds eight conditions, the second condition is that private institutions continued to operate for more than 5 years, and at least there is a management fund has been achieved exit.

star capital in the China Securities Investment Fund Association hereinafter referred to as the Fund Industry Association filing information shows that the star capital was founded in June 19, 2012, so far less than 4 years. Moreover, star capital in the listing of the transfer prospectus also said that because the company set up a relatively short time, the investment project has not yet reached the withdrawal period, has not yet realized investment income.

mid May, there is a source said, in the new three board, the largest investment projects star capital is busy smashing disk fled. On this day, star capital chairman Liu Yan still friends had a positive response: "star capital as the leading institutions in the field of the new board of investment, China firmly optimistic about the economic development, the development of promising new board."

has got the stock transfer system, allowing the listing letter star capital was blocked out of the door.

As early as December 8th last year,

, but the source said: "in fact, they are aware of not listing three new board."

4, with sh419 know, Tencent ask + blog >

the evening of May 29th, star capital letter called "TO: everyone" star of the family inside the letter wrote: "the time node listing has changed, but the listing target and the pace of change, and do not rule out the use of other ways to visit the capital market."

A "Crazy"

1, to the popularity of the community forum, there are tens of thousands of people in the general forum forum every day, don’t choose, can choose the kind of general trading, advertising free local portal forum, remember: someone must see, but not by the administrator to delete posts. Because the loan information is legal, so it will not delete the administrator regular.

2, through your group or space promotion. Here to join group, it is best to find the kind of investment, entrepreneurship, information, loan groups to join, because people here need more funds. Here you can use tools to fly, the site just group search and plus group tool. space, a good layout, and put more loans to promote information, how to enlarge the use of their brains, at least let people believe you. I feel like you’re a financial ambassador, a really helpful person. Ha ha, ~

first, LP conversion has been halted; secondly, financing more difficult; third, private equity institutions to use its own funds to invest in more difficult; fourth, a substantial increase in information disclosure requirements, to the listing, great difficulty. It is very difficult to maintain the listing, and it is impossible to raise huge sums of money. This means that even if you can hang up, there may be no need to hang up." The industry said, in this condition, "the star even enough for five years, still need to go listing? Now, if there is no change in policy, it is difficult to see the other star has landed in the capital market mode."

, but an industry insider said: "careful study of these eight conditions, you can find, basically denied the existing private equity business model. Listing private rectification difficult, extremely expensive, do not rule out private initiative to seek delisting. Listing bonus basically gone, many private equity may not want to play three new board."


new three star capital this year ushered in an eventful year".

May 27th published by the commission can be listed on the new board and the financing of private institutions, as early as last December 8th has got a share transfer system allows listing letter star capital is in the door.

source: visual China

, the plight of star capital, has long been revealed.

below is the summary of several ways to fly:

3, with your own blog to do promotion, here we can build two or three on investment, financial or entrepreneurial class blog, and then blog decoration. Remember, you don’t have to borrow your loan ads, so you can direct a blog. First publish some stock, start a business, financial management and so on, then release your loan promotion information. When it is recommended that you release your original loan promotion posts, write their own, use your head, because it is convenient for you to be included in sh419, the search to your blog, if your posts appear on the sh419 home page, then you badly. In fact, for a little knowledge about SEO friends, do the project better, the basic principles of network promotion is more original! Note: blog ads, not much, if this is a new blog more than old blog can look at the ads posted regularly. It’s an insurance policy that keeps your blog from being blocked. Blog you can build sh419, Sina, NetEase and other high weights.

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