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first some background:

the experience I have gained is that you don’t have to start a very successful technology company. The future of your business does not require you to assume it can be a great success from the start.

editor’s note: the author is an anonymous entrepreneur who has gone through many ups and downs, or dies or dies. Now, it hides its real name and becomes a columnist for Medium magazine, describing his pioneering work several times, as a reference to other entrepreneurs.

likes to challenge Silicon Valley in the Chinese market, and Internet companies seem to have had little luck. It is many years ago, Aol Yahoo, eBay micro-blog, or Groupon now, these companies in China experience invariably prove that foreign Internet giant’s China is commonplace.

this idea is too naive, I hope you can understand why this idea is wrong.

"we can’t even make a profit in China for 10 years, but China must be an indispensable market for our strategy."." Talking about the China market layout, Phil · Phil Libin; Libin tone urgent.

I chose my university roommate as co-founder. He’s nice, but he has no idea about marketing and design skills. He did not invest in 10 Fen, nor was he willing to lend a helping hand.

before we came to China, we weren’t particularly sure whether to develop the Chinese market or not. Because there are too many people told us that China on Silicon Valley Internet companies may have some misunderstanding, many well-known companies are defeated here." Libin on the "First Financial Daily" reporters micro-blog. But now, in addition to their new product development for China user impression notes ", reached a cooperation agreement and China Internet company UC, Tencent, second data center also plans to establish Chinese outside of the United states.

2., it happened two or three years ago, when I was 22.


is already in the Silicon Valley dream: I believe my creative software can help users, 5 million of the annual revenue I don’t need. I just want to start an epic enterprise, sitting on millions of users.

"to enter the Chinese market, we must play according to the rules of the Chinese game, not to make our products a Chinese version of the line, but to combine the actual situation in China’s market research and development products." He said.

, here are some of the biggest mistakes I’ve made during my career and the lessons I’ve learned:

because of my account is 50 thousand dollars, so I want to build is not those with technology companies with the poop, but under a Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb and other technology giants, company size is large enough, the user can have millions of people. If you see here, immediately want "ha ha" a sound… I understand completely.

3. my $50 thousand deposit comes from some of my own marketing efforts, but it comes mainly from a contract I signed when I started marketing for another SaaS company.

personnel recruitment is also in progress. A few months ago, Evernote had only 1 employees in China, but there are now 7, and by the end of this year, the number of Chinese teams is expected to be around 30. They will focus on Evernote global product design, research and development, developer relations, and market development and user support.

1 don’t feel like you can start a company with a valuation of $1 billion at the start.

can be quickly distributed in China, probably because it also has

1., I’m a non technical founder.

as a cloud storage of Evernote CEO notes, Libin has not remember this is the first time in recent years Chinese. His trip to China, in addition to participating in the mobile Internet Conference held here, there is an important purpose is to visit China’s partners, and plans to find some potential investment opportunities in the Chinese market.

, this is the first mistake I made.

in the

2 choose your co – founder

building China’s data center is an important step. He found that China used overseas server Evernote, may encounter synchronization, slow service instability. The future "impression notes" located in China’s data center will be separated from the United States service, independent operation services; existing Evernote Chinese users are free to choose whether to migrate data to china.

today I’m going to tell you about my career failure. It all happened in ten months, and I lost all my savings about $50 thousand, and my car and some other valuable assets. I lost my founder friend and my health was affected. I would like to share with you some of my experience and lessons during this period.

4.’s name and company business is immaterial, and my experience and lessons apply to all start-ups.

, Flipboard, angry birds micro-blog, fruit ninja…… More and more overseas APP have plans to overweight china. Attract them is 430 million of the mobile Internet users, there are still blue ocean, but also opportunities for the China Mobile Internet market.

as an orphan

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