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writing original articles are immediate, and many collection stations automatically collect you, and then some people actively spread them. Virtually achieve the effect of personal marketing. Share a little of his own do Wangzhuan these years today’s personal experience. I is not a successful Internet entrepreneur, see hard to avoid become shallow, and the reference for the novice brothers.

for a long time did not share the article on the forum, because these days to join the working group, to complete the task of the devil teacher assigned. Myself is also part-time, so time is more nervous. The second phase of the devil training camp is about to begin, and see the brothers on the group are eager to try, there is still psychological pressure.

in China’s rapid development of the Internet, entrepreneurs and investors love to kill. Following the analysis of reason of encounter financing bounced five startups for everyone.

recently started studying abroad forum, the flagship TOEFL Training pony across the river announced the closure. Xu Jianjun, the co-founder, acknowledged that mismanagement was the cause of the crisis for the pony crossing.

learned that the pony crossed the river in 2014 revenue of up to hundreds of millions of dollars, since then, the company’s transformation online training, from now on embarked on a road of no return. In 2014 -2016, Xiaomaguohe has launched the fragmentation of online exercises and learning management platform, put forward the examination to study membership, released Xiaomaguohe App, released the universe TOEFL App, but its business model has not been well verified.

although Xiaomaguohe behind the well-known institutions of blessing, but the business model is very difficult to see the prospect of the case, investors have been reluctant to go throwing money investment, and the company had to make ends meet, we can only choose bankruptcy.

I know a lot of friends are doing Taobao, but in fact I personally do not recognize. I have some people in reality, to a large extent, understand the quality of things Taobao sells, there are certain problems, described too exaggerated, fakes flooded the entire Taobao market. So I first did not choose Ali mother’s Taobao customer promotion platform, I chose the results of the network CPS promotion. Advertisers are some big brands of businesses, regardless of quality and reputation have been done to a certain extent. What I have chosen is that products which have been formed in the market have been approved by brands, such as DHC cosmetics, Jingdong mall and digital products. No site was built in advance. Because I usually accumulated a lot of local group, I am also more active personality, and can be integrated into the group of people

pony crossed the river, failed, declared bankruptcy,

these seemingly ironic, exaggerated, and even some spoof story, but in 2016 vigorous entrepreneurial and investment tide staged. The main TOEFL Training Xiaomaguohe was abandoned due to investors; financing not timely arrival of the first domestic AR company declared bankruptcy; drug awesome because financing is not arrival announced to suspend operations; ill 90 girls published a lengthy Tongsu within 20 days to be kicked out of the investor; the young monarch dish run.

in order to achieve certain progress and results in the network, the first step is to identify specific goals and positioning. Only when we have a goal can we have the direction to struggle. Remember when you just contact Wangzhuan, because there is no direction. All day looking for outdated items to operate, and no patience to learn basic knowledge. It wastes a lot of time and energy and ends up with no real benefit. Beginner is blundering, this is understandable. You have to make immediate adjustments, step by step. The basic things are to understand, some understanding of the formation of their own will in the process. Let nature take its course, you can find your own position and goals, and also have the ability to fight for it.

gradually became aware of the mistakes in his own directions after making aimless, outdated projects. It wasn’t until recently that an online book of "devil teacher" accidentally came to me. So I decided to start with e-commerce and sustainability projects from the bottom of my mind from the bottom of my mind. The first thing I thought of was to go to Taobao to set up a shop to sell the product, after a few days’ consideration. I don’t think it fits me well. I personally think that through the development of the shop to the end, they must have unique resources, only to have their own competitiveness. So I think, or start small, do some regular product promotion, more reliable. Can also exercise their ability.

Xiaomaguohe was founded 10 years ago, in order to provide TOEFL, SAT and other pro forma information and by attracting a large number of traffic forecast. In 2008, Ma Jun and Xu Jianjun established the pony cross river international education company, providing consulting service and one to one training service to seize the market share of "one to one" training. And in a year after the creation of innovative full-time, one to one courses and small classes. The teaching effect is remarkable. At its peak, the unit price reached 50 thousand yuan, and the company employs 900 people. I get Xiaomaguohe co-founder, treasures network founder Cao Yundong angel investment in October 2013. In 2014, the company won the A round of financing of Chen Xiaohong, President of China’s former Tiger Fund. In early 2015, the company won the B round of capital financing.

in the TV series "Silicon Valley", from the supermarket clerk to the hospital doctor everyone is talking about a potential pull venture financing; capital projects begin to display talents, stampede in high valuations and huge financing, so that entrepreneurs are smug; plagiarism in the creative, the company is at a low ebb, the major investment institutions have lowered the price or direct abandoned.

Xiaomaguohe according to business information, at present Cao Yundong and capital CEO Xu as a director of the company is still up.

The benefits of

according to the pony crossing, co-founder Xu Jianjun said the pony across the river, there are about 40000000 yuan of debt, the teacher also >

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