The three core resources needed by start-up companies capital, talent, and usersWhat should do if

a you will not receive any checks, please know that you have lost the right to income don’t try to through the use of legal means to deter shlf1314 in order to get a check – this will only make things worse.

I found a lot of people in the forum complaining that shlf1314 was deactivated because of fraudulent clicks, and then wanted to know how to reapply or restore it.

, first of all, you have to understand:

in the past, fund-raising is the biggest demand. Today, recruiting talent is the biggest demand. Ravikant said that he himself is a continuous entrepreneur, has created Epinions, Vast, is currently operating HitForge, Venture Hacks, including the above AngelList.

2. talent

1. talent

so here’s a little tip on what to do and do,

3. user

b try to admit to them all or should be cheating details, and if you think there is no cheating, you can honestly submit to them a server log that you think is suspicious. I highly recommend using Adsense monitoring software to monitor the click and click behavior of the site. If you don’t have a server log or monitoring software, no one can help you.

for start-ups, this is the best of times, but also the worst of times. It’s much easier to build a company than it used to be. But because so many start-ups exist, startups are much harder to survive than before. In this era of fierce competition, the competition for resources has become increasingly fierce, it is difficult for start-ups to find enough resources to support their own development.


with the growing competition, the founders are increasingly finding that attracting and aggregating these important resources is becoming extremely difficult.

In order to survive,

Naval Ravikant is the founder of AngelList, to help start-up companies financing, recruiting talent. Recently, AngelList conducted a survey of entrepreneurs who used their services: what resources are the most needed resources for start-up companies and how difficult it is to acquire them. Survey results show that most start-ups are now in a state of famine.

, after recruiting talent and financing, is another big demand for start-ups. Then there’s social media marketing, that is, the need for a large number of users. After that, the CO founder.

this is an interesting phenomenon, although the founders are at the bottom of this list of requirements, but in fact, it also shows that the start-up companies in the recruitment of talent on the face of great difficulties.

, I should be one of the few people who have been able to recover their accounts at least two months later because of illegal clicks, but at least I think so.

startups need the following three core resources:

1. funds

startups demand rankings

restore your account: >

I am also a

because of illegal clicks and disable accounts, there are many in the country every day, but after the account is disabled, what should we do?

what is the most difficult resource for startups now?



C the behavior of account deactivation is automatically detected by the machine, and then manually audited. shlf1314 monitors the geographic location of the click. If they find the click behavior and from cheque or your login IP the same location, they will give you special attention, similarly, malicious competitors click on your ad will attract their attention.

Ravikant says it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit talent when you have to expand your founding team in the current pervasive environment of bubbles. This has an amazing similarity in the history of the internet. Epinions, founded in 1998, there have been 5 co-founder, this is mainly because at that time, if not for those candidates "co-founder" equity, it’s hard to recruit staff need early.

Adsense account disabled victims, before this, my shlf1314 income has been stable in 1000$/ months but now the scenery is not in, leaving a station, so in the disabled, I have no intention of doing other advertising, also want to continue to do Adsense, but is shlf1314 resolute attitude: Adsense to cheat people never allow them to come back, is it really

2. raising

I don’t believe it, what should be on how to find the Adsense account after the closure of the article, so I in the world Forum webmaster world to find a post like this, it is called asp4bunnies released by users, here I translate it, hope to those who like me because fall but too late for regrets stationmaster friends some hope, in addition, if you are a Adsense publisher, it should also look at here, we should pay attention to many details do not.

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