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at the beginning of June, our company was established in the aftermath of the working group, after full communication with investors, a full refund of all investment funds not economic disputes; the market retained bicycle, recovery of our crews has basically recovered.

1, sunrise industry; small opportunity

customer service Tel: 400-8657133

3, effective 3 months;

set the threshold, the business model is bidding on the "double headed fish", can be higher than their own training company uncomfortable, less than their company can not gather funds to grow;.

all over the line will increase the risk, so personal entrepreneurship needs to be carried out in a benign way, so that it will be healthy and safe.

Wukong exist various problems in the cycling operation and financing, so this is just a small example? Or as late share bicycle operators, and is doomed to be unable to have assembled cycling team competition and massive capital sharing, sharing of bicycle will eventually go to several big

mentality will be stable, not impatient, can feel at ease to start a business.

my ideal project:

from Wukong bike, January foreign operations, only less than half a year.

7 has always been profitable; benign

2, less cost input;

4, the first year of pro – Li; earnings tens to hundreds of thousands

January 7, 2017, Wukong bike officially operated abroad. By the end of May 2017, due to the company’s strategic adjustment, we can only regret to announce that, since June 2017, will provide support services for the formal end of Wukong bicycle, exit bicycle market share.

solemnly declare that

in January 7th, Wukong started cycling in Chongqing and opened the operation with the Wukong bicycle, a partner program".

thank you for your support and love of Goku cycling. Is always difficult to say goodbye, but a thousand miles must part. Within 30 days from the date of this announcement, our company will continue to refund the user’s account balance including deposit for the APP account. Please contact the customer service as soon as possible.

The bicycle behind the bike

June 13, 2017,

Chongqing Warring States Technology Co., Ltd.

Wukong bicycle was given the investment program.

, don’t compare with others, because others have hundreds of millions, billions, you can’t compare with others, but should I be afraid of billions? Of course not,


according to the investment plan for each monkey bike, car 1100 yuan, while the actual production cost in about 100 yuan, of course, is hosted on operation and management costs, and the management of operating costs will continue to decline with increase in the number of bicycles. Even without rent, Goku still has room for profit.

would not like to: more than 20 years old, you have unlimited possibilities in the future, unlimited hope;

entrepreneurs have no money. Who can start a business? Who needs money to enjoy life?.

Li Jiacheng, 150 billion and 85 years old, would you like to change with him,

you can also find the plan on its website now, "said the monkey bike, bike sharing platform to create pure Wukong, invite you to invest a bicycle when the boss, single income, three years of advertising revenue to your boss, enjoy Alice feet treatment, wait for capital appreciation."

small opportunities, small projects, small competition, and a good development trend, and may in the next 10~20 years may become a huge trend of development.

so starting a business doesn’t cost a lot of money.

, Jingdong, customers and other business models are not suitable for individuals, from the beginning to do their best, and this requires a very strong psychological. The money we make is not what we can do. It’s not easy to make money for investors.


Wukong made the capital raising mode, or to a shared bicycle packaged into a financial product, on the other hand, the cycling team did not expect to do share the money from the VC.




small chance, small project, 3 months can make money, I need to eat money, so 3 months need to make money, so my

on Financing:


5, second years to build team;

6, establish the threshold; price of double headed fish

don’t blindly build a team in the first year, because everything needs to be done first to guide others.

second years to build a team, to create a business model, do not have to wait until fully meet the above mentioned ten standards of entrepreneurship, business models can be gradually improved. Don’t be left, right, right, step by step.

strategy teacher said: "pigs standing on the air can fly.". Once you meet your business standards, choose good projects

less investment, our wealth is: mind, hands, time, fear of funds strong;

, a small shared bike operator, closed down, and the official announcement of the Wukong bicycle stopped operations.

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