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the mail express attitude and beauty group for internal corruption, on the other hand also see this "black" production openness and universality, as everyone knows, the United States mission from thousands of war in the year after the merger of public comment talent shows itself, the establishment of the U.S. group evaluation group, the intervention group purchase order room, hotel, tourism, film and other businesses, is worthy of the name of the O2O leading companies, earlier data show that U.S. group only takeaway on orders of more than tens of millions of magnitude, group valuation of more than billions of dollars, is the leader in the domestic enterprises in the unicorn…… However, after the confirmation of public mail, see the volume of such companies are still large-scale internal brush fraud, the impact is self-evident.


can the depth issues in your industry be solved via the Internet? Can it be changed from offline to online, or requires a complete and integrated

entrepreneurs will be passionate about their careers, but only passion and lack of ideas are bound to make their dream land sad. Want to know the investment manager expects entrepreneurs to think about what the problem? Today comes and everyone a little heart to heart talk, he believes that entrepreneurs should TMT in which 5 aspects of thinking to understand.

such as sports industry in the fitness field, I think it is very difficult to non standardized training service to the electricity supplier model on line, and if it is simply a diversion, how much significance? Core resources field is the traditional fitness fitness trainer and fitness facilities, Internet access to the two core now the city > resources?

what does the Internet have to do with what you have to do?


how many people will be looking forward to wearing smart socks to eat barbecue in Chile? In fact, there are many stories in fact does not need capital to pay, there are a lot of good business, the company does not need to risk investment power and profit.

in all industries, there is a proverb "XX wins the world". As a general class of FMCG, channel to get the world, but the Internet does not help the FMCG Brand more and better access to the Internet itself, as a channel bonus now how much? How many brands will not be sold on the Internet,


if you think your idea can affect tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of people and make their lives better, then venture capital should be on the, top, of, your, list. Of course, after that, you should look for venture funds that are suitable for you. For example, you are doing business under traditional lines, and finding TMT funds is obviously not very wise.

Abstract: entrepreneurs will be enthusiastic about their careers, but only passion and lack of ideas are bound to make their dream land sad. Want to know what the investment manager wants the entrepreneur to think about,

investment in the early, using financial data of valuation is not realistic, second, orders and GMV is very important, so many companies in order to raise the valuation platform, active mass order behavior It is often seen. brush, even the first incoming investors together to conceal the true order to sell call, find the home plate story it is not surprising, it brings additional benefits directly is in financing and mergers and acquisitions, capital operation, has brought the high valuation premium, the final results of no more than two, good luck is the use of false data got overvalued, completed a new round of capital into bad behavior; brought to light, causing the market rebound at the end of the bloodbath, such as a few years ago "an acre of land.

what’s the extra benefit,

you in this industry need access to resources is the core of success? Can through the Internet to help you acquire these core resources through the Internet? Or can change the core resources of the industry’s successful

I am often amazed by the imagination of entrepreneurs. The idea is a reflection of the known world of personal life, is there evidence of entrepreneurs I think and work full of respect, but the demand for these ideas in the real world there?

5.1 just after the holidays, a beauty group informed comment anti-corruption messages aroused the industry on the "scalping" — discuss the original mail announced the U.S. group internal anti-corruption, anti 10 criminal cases of property, including the "wine tour hotel accommodation division of Nanjing BD Wu collusion outside merchants and scalping team, fictitious transactions for huge subsidies POI Hotel" case.

understanding of venture capital circle of people must understand that for the type of trading platform is not listed, the valuation model usually includes orders, GMV transactions, net income, net profit and other indicators, early Internet Co due to fierce competition and cultivate habits of users, double end subsidies business / user is a routine, so this stage is generally a massive loss, with user habits, head of brand establishment, reduce the ends of subsidies, gradually narrowed losses reached profitability, specific growth trajectory by reference.

you want to make the most authentic Chilean barbecue in Beijing,

for perspiration analysis in Shenzhen? Open hand

what do you want to do? Can you do more,

is worth mentioning is that the U.S. group and Taobao business platform can be around a single brush, the latter is more independent, single brush settled merchants to buy praise to their gold, and then get the platform more traffic, Taobao’s responsibility boundary lies in whether or not the strict supervision; while the United States internal scalping operation is more like homegrown, false orders and actual orders together Chonggao overall size of the order and obtain "additional benefits".

you want to make an intelligent sock

in fact, the mood for scalping has been around for years, as has been the case





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