Do a good job of Google Adsense optimization so that your income doubled

Adsense of Google advertising has been more than a year, Google also rely on Wangzhuan small harvest. From the beginning of the acquisition of Google Adsense account, has been in the advertising optimization, website click rate increased from 0.2% to about the beginning of the year, from the perspective of multiple times to see an increase of 9 times, the income has almost gone up almost times. How to optimize the site, it should be said that a lot of people have written optimization experience, write well. Now share Google Adsense optimization experience

I was completely in accordance with the guidance of Google blog to do, after all, is the official blog, very instructive, of course, there are some sites written very well, but it is difficult in how you find it. Moreover, their optimization methods may not be suitable for you. Google blog is summed up by most web site optimization, which is applicable to most sites. I have 2 stations, are in accordance with the recommendations of the Google blog optimization method, the results from the perspective of the click rate of advertising, basically reached more than 1.5%.

click on the appropriate number of ads, some say 1%, some say that can reach up to 10%, each have their own argument, but I think, even if it is a, as long as the policy is also consistent with Google adsense. Of course, it’s almost impossible. After all, advertising is advertising, or with the content of the text is different, advertising optimization can reach 2% is more successful. After the click rate reached 2%, that of the advertising optimization potential mining is completed, this will no longer touch the ads on the site.

The rest of the

, is to do the ad unit price. Advertising price with the content of the site, in general, the competition is more intense or profiteering industry, the price is relatively high, such as medical, beauty. If the station is from the beginning of 0, of course, can be considered to do this; however, many sites have formed, positioning, in order to do high advertising price made some high price "is not realistic, don’t take your IQ of 130 to insult Google, that would be worth the candle.

Google Adsense display ads, usually the first show high price advertising, but should pay attention to, click on the ads may not be the first click on the ads, such as 336*280 advertising, advertising display is 4, first, 2 may be a high price, but the third and 4 line is low price advertising. The click is precisely third, 4 ad, of course, less income. To this end, for low-cost advertising, to shield off. Want to shield low-cost advertising, you have to find it. How to discover, the key is to know how to observe. Similar to the content of the page, if found everywhere is this kind of advertising, mostly low price advertising, shielding it no problem. In addition, some of the advertisements, the contents of the display is industry, but the site is not the same, currently found in Hongkong’s use of the domain name (HK) for advertising, the advertising publishers are basically occupation, are some of the low price of advertising.

in short, in the protection of the click on the basis of the rate, mining advertising unit price, >

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