Don’t go to the chain and the chain

, what the chain is outside the chain of high quality

two, how to publish high quality

1, with the chain of user experience. The construction of the chain with similar principle, an article appeared in the link, and the related must is good, and the chain can cause the user’s interest to click. For example, you have a few beauties in the forum, and then leave the chain, if you want to browse more wonderful pictures, please click on the ****贵族宝贝, the chain can cause users to click in line with the user experience! It is outside the chain of high quality.

2, the high quality of soft link. What? "

3, the chain high weight platform release. For example the A5 Adsense nets this high weight platform, if you can write a good article, there is also a link, no doubt, this link is of high quality.


indeed, after Scindapsus algorithm love Shanghai released last year, the release of the chain is more difficult, but this should not be our Shanghai dragon Er way! We need to constantly sum up analysis, find a suitable for the construction of the chain channels, their following, I will talk about some of their own opinions on high. The quality of the chain release.

actually, the hair of the chain is a very important thing, can make your site benefit is likely to get your website from today, I like the crowning calamity, with you to talk about the construction of the chain.

1, the forum, to find their own industry set up a blog, analysis of the construction of the chain competitors. Especially the construction of the chain of competitors, can help us save a lot of time in Shanghai dragon, what? You said your competitors do not in Shanghai dragon then you can also find some? You industry around the industry website, see how they are doing outside the chain, the chain construction situation check the opponent, that I would not say it.

The chain of

2, the chain can effectively solve the needs of users. For example, a product service website, must be registered before they can receive a service, when the user does not see, you can publish an article, the company business, and leave a URL, to guide customers to handle the relevant formalities.

is the core idea of Shanghai dragon "content is king, the chain for emperor", this seems to be the true saying many Shanghai dragon Er, the so-called content refers to continue to provide high-quality original content, and outside chain construction, more by the vast number of Shanghai dragon Er attention, a lot of people think, as long as we do the construction of the chain, the website weight and keywords ranking to improve, it is an easy job to do.

this is also of concern to everyone, many Shanghai dragon Er engaged in website optimization, will complain, now love Shanghai rigorous review mechanism, forum, blog and not for the release of the chain of manufacturing effectively any opportunity, how can we get to the chain of high quality

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