Secret 3 days to get 110 thousand secrets behind fund-raising networkThe theory and means of marke

news website — the development of a number of money to make friends — development of mass line with the blog

seeks to understand the following, and understands why grassroots groups like me can raise hundreds of thousands of dollars on the internet.

so everyone has a question, why are so many people running WeChat?

we all know, in fact, sh419’s search engine, through search to contain the flow of distribution, and then seek benefits. We do personal website or, or to make electricity supplier website traffic are in fact sh419, 360 search, search, Sogou search on what you do, SEO, can really bring some credit can not flow, but the conversion rate will be more low. Then look at Taobao, if you buy things in Taobao, you are the first through the computer search keywords such as "underwear", search after the result is the about 2000000 baby, your choice may be in front of a relatively large volume of low prices if you are high-end people, estimated the price is relatively high. Sales is also good, you click on the baby, can browse other users comments. Yes, that’s the way information is connected in the PC era, through search.

again, the last to the site included events, to understand the Wangzhuan group, that group of friends are doing GG AD, don’t know, a look surprised, a bunch of people are doing GG AD, but also the professional course, no wonder sh419 website and K station things often happen. The reason lies in the Wangzhuan tutorial tutorial is to find a website and then collected, then tried to promotion, then do GG AD. this tutorial in my opinion is still a bit of conscience. But there is no conscience, for their own website, desperately let Wangzhuan friends go to GG AD to expand their website reputation.

one, mobile Internet changes the connection and flow of information


micro value in October 3, 2014, the article made technical transformation training, pure stock 5 people, 16 thousand per person, accounting for 2% of the shares. Technology stocks 8000 per person, receive 70% of their training income, but also received 1% of the shares. After the publication of the article, 20 people contacted within three days to join the net capital stock. More than 10 wanted to enter the technology stocks, and only 4 technical stocks were added later. Because the technology stocks are the core, they choose carefully. Three days to raise funds 110 thousand,

is the name of the blog, we should all know it. You go online to search blog plus the Internet make the key words now, you will find a tutorial, this is a case of Pyramid.

is the highest realm of Wangzhuan website make money, then this is a well-known saying. To think also, but now Wangzhuan is really a bit difficult to do. I like to do is just to do the domestic auto surf station, and not to do GG AD GG AD K, because the speed is really a little high. Also, do not feel GG AD do Ali mother.


E-glod I had money in, but that time is really very tired, is a novice, followed by the price. The best surfing is to get a hang of the software to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, on the one hand, does not affect the work, as long as the software can be in there, you can hand to realize the significance of Wangzhuan.

I was a member of course, not Wangzhuan, the higher one, I experienced Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, can make money, but don’t make much money, to earn more to rely on the assembly line, or investment to do. When understood at that time is the most senior Wangzhuan website make money, once for the fun of it to do Wangzhuan, only to find in Wangzhuan really very tired very hard, but the money is not so easy to make, it looks like the Internet who said, every day as long as one or two hours of work on how many dollars income can be.

this mode of development is to make the time and fame increases, if I’m not mistaken, the first is Sina blog, is after him. They really feel a little too. By make friends to help them push the website, what a good idea ah, spend a little money that can do big things, the idea is good, but really can receive money how many, estimated that few.

, and the mobile Internet has changed such information connections, mobile terminals let us always connect to the network, to see the function of WeChat, we know that it removed the so-called online, it is always online. Traffic will get cheaper and should be free later. The mobile terminal of the App can be described as their functions: the innumerable.

saw an article about Wangzhuan things today in the Admin5 trap. For some of the things he said, I feel very justified.

with ordinary public raising is not the same, micro value transformation training to do basic knowledge of the network, raised not only to raise funds, but also raise the wisdom of all.

this time to change soon, before we are still playing Taobao, play flow, engage in bidding in sh419, suddenly the herd, stationed in the unfamiliar street, WeChat, YY, micro voice. WeChat circle of friends or by various Shuabing marketing, selling the mask, selling honey, walnut, sell fruit, sell jade, almost can sell things, you can find in the circle of friends. Of course, WeChat itself did not put micro business, WeChat marketing in the first place, the circle of friends is more to share life, rather than full of advertising. Especially since the media suddenly hot, we are writing articles, good writing, and finally found that he did not write the composition of high school, writing a little lack of, but also to participate in a variety of writing training courses, training circles. Share a moneymaking benefit immediately: you specialize in how to write, write well, and spread more easily. In this respect, the market is large enough for you to meet.

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