Online selling cosmetics graduate earn 500 thousand two years

his shop in Taobao has become one of the most popular cosmetics store in Chongqing region, but also registered entity


6, Huang Rui (left) and his clerk in the store photo. Reporter Hu Jie photo

entrepreneurial story

"if you give me a chance again, I will choose to start their own business." Since June 2006, a short span of two or three years, Huang Rui has been from a young graduate student, grow up to be a registered owner of a small company. Recalled his entrepreneurial experience in recent years, Huang Rui emotion.

when the civil servants but quit graduate school

Huang Rui had a career to make people envy. July 2002, Huang Rui graduated from the University of Commerce and industry, into the Organization Department of Kaixian, became a civil servant, also met with the civil servant’s girlfriend, Lu Jing, the two agreed to go to college for further study. By the end of 2004, Huang Rui and his girlfriend Lu Jing took part in the postgraduate entrance examination, and both admitted to study major graduate entrance examination.

however, units can not with pay. After discussion, Huang Rui and Lu Jing decided to resign together, with a few million yuan deposit work accumulated under the tuition, began a part-time life.

Huang Rui recalls by students as a tutor, give out odd jobs, 200 yuan living allowance plus school per month, two monthly average income in 1500 yuan, the day is too tight Baba, so Huang Rui has been looking for opportunities to make money.

less than half a year without experience to make money

"was too impulsive, lack of management experience." Huang Rui first venture is in research two. After doing cosmetic business to make money, he was looking for a more popular cosmetics brand sales agent. In June 2006, Huang Rui first to reach home, my father borrowed 30 thousand yuan in Shapingba, the Three Gorges Square Jincheng mall rented a few small square window, the start of the cosmetics retail business.

did not expect, due to the lack of visibility, coupled with a complete stranger to the cosmetics industry, he operates in the mall where the brand is completely sold, the first month on the loss of more than 1000 yuan. The next two months, Huang Rui busy all day to do publicity, recommend products to customers, learning cosmetics related knowledge, although out of the loss, but still can only earn back board money".

half a year down, basically no profit. The end of the year and Lu Jing Huang Rui, after discussion, decided to end the business.

online processing cargo discovery opportunities

but a limited number of shelf life in the hands of supplies to stay in the hands of how to do? Huang Rui intends to shop online inventory processing. In December 2006, he registered a shop named Guoguo beauty Fang in the Taobao online. It is surprising that the commodity price is higher than the general

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