Experience of enterprise network marketing and website promotion.

is high, the high cost of traffic, but the conversion rate is not high, can be reduced by way of bid keywords in bidding on the right-hand column. This is also the main keywords Shanghai Longfeng optimization, especially the competition of brand keywords. For example, you do XXX products, you have a SIEMENS brand competition product, called the SIEMENS XXX. At this time, you find SIEMENS XXX hits, some of you want to strive for the customers for your products and brands do some understanding. This >

Network marketing

the purpose of business is to sell products and services

enterprise website optimization and promotion of the webmaster to do Wangzhuan of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is different, the difficulty and the key to also have very big difference. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er will help enterprises to do consulting work for, so here, I want to talk about some experience and key aspects of the strategy of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises.

1. to pay for high conversion keywords as the core keywords, high conversion rate, strive for the first auction.

and personal Adsense money flow to sell advertising, company website to relatively simple and clear, do Shanghai dragon, do optimization…. Its purpose is very direct, is to sell their products / services. So the precision of flow is higher. Waste a lot of time and effort in obtaining many independent flows, is very resource consuming.

2. page views, click keywords high cost in Shanghai Longfeng.

to pay for it, often a lot of related keywords, some traffic is very greatly, but the accuracy of customers is not enough, it will consume a lot of business costs, but can not bring the actual sales, thereby reducing the cost of advertising the input-output efficiency. According to the actual operation and management of enterprise bidding experience, according to the following principles.

what is the high conversion keywords from several? I am involved in different sectors, and price, brand related keywords bring visitors to a higher conversion rate. For example, several industries that I’ve done this a few words, have a higher conversion rate (later I will briefly touched the problem of conversion):XXX price, XXX XXX brand, what brand is good, XXX ranking, where XXX is the cheapest….. Why is there such a common? Do sales work of the people know, when a customer asked the price, and compare your products with other brands, said he became interested in your products, is the real intention of customers. So these keywords, be sure to get good rankings, must be clear and persuasive and attractive description.


report: the conversion rate by several indicators to track 1) launched the proportion of online communication (if you have online customer service software); 2) Click to enter the "product center" or "contact us" section of the proportion. Which to initiate a dialogue as a proportion index is the most reliable.

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