After the Spring Festival enterprise stand ranking dropped to 100 and the analysis

before the Spring Festival for many webmaster of the site, with strict in demands seriously, the maintenance of Web site every hour and moment in the article, of course I also like this. However, after the spring festival food eating late sleep, indescribably more comfortable, but the content of the website an annual leave not to update, you need to know is not the spider robot is not to rest, unless the company failed to love Shanghai.

whether you maintenance outside the stationThe

chain is crucial for the website, can improve the weight, improve, update snapshot ranking advantage. The Spring Festival is on the site if you had any of the chain? Many say I do, there are a lot of people do not say, the person that do not certainly be punished in Shanghai after the update, so during the holidays don’t maintain the site outside the chain directly affect website ranking.

maintenance station

two: an annual leave, not to update the web site outside of the chain. The chain site once not to do update, the chain included a substantial opportunity down, before the keyword ranking in the first two pages and last night after the update all went gone. This is the second reason.

detection station

Spring Festival has been successfully finished, show the webmaster is the arrival of spring, the annual leave believe most of the webmaster have also enjoyed a satiate sleep good, although the webmaster with these, but not necessarily the spider. Last night I believe many between the enterprise website ranking overnight for 100, which enables webmasters heartache, years ago fix ranking between the years, back to the night before liberation. So, today I tell you the webmaster exchange "after the spring festival website ranking in the first two pages, and love Shanghai updated disappeared", let’s analyze.

two, annual leave, the chain


I want to ask you if you pay close attention to the webmaster, web site Links, especially the enterprise website requirements >

three, annual leave, whether you have a chain of

is one of the reasons: a leave, not to update the website content. As the saying goes "content is the site of the food, the spider is the site of the stomach if food broken spider is also hungry, hungry and this is a vacation, long time no longer coming down a spider on your site, this is the first reason.

this is a problem, I see in the type of site in the station during the Chinese new year, business exhibition without ranked dropped to 100, what is the reason? Moreover, this morning found that many webmaster complain in my QQ group, after all how to update keywords last night did not, is not love Shanghai ill? Not updated not to regard it as right, ranking will have a variety of causes, the author to parse through the three path, let’s take a look.

, leave, whether you have the

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