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implementation to facilitate analysis of the site of the internal linksWhen we

no matter whether you are engaged in the website optimization work, as long as you are a webmaster, as long as you want to introduce traffic to your site by noble baby, so noble baby Webmaster Tools site data analysis has the absolute reference meaning for you. General site optimization personnel on the website of the statistical data will be integrated through the analysis of multiple tools, and the data is not accurate, although there is no single webmaster tools software as detailed, but the statistics are quite accurate, quite typical, quite powerful, the following is a summary of the author’s noble baby webmaster tools some strong points:


no matter what the site will have the wrong station link needs to be shielded, so the Internet is flooded with a lot of articles on the robots, but if you look carefully, you will find that even the love of robots.txt Encyclopedia of Shanghai are obvious errors, many owners have been tangled said: it is on the screen when the how noble baby link updates to the site administrator tool background or can’t find it? Don’t be with this, ask around, every day to complain than personally test, the following is the specific steps of the test:


external links include what we do Links and other general weight links, through the noble baby webmaster tools can achieve effective monitoring of external links, and unlike ordinary tools like complex, we can find our webmaster tools Links is removed, the general weight links we do what is in effect, to force can choose to give up, so the work efficiency greatly, the specific situation shown below:


site in general more than sixty percent of the traffic from the long tail keywords, of course, the premise is that the long tail keywords are effective, namely the search volume, but the bottleneck is how to mining the long tail keywords effectively? Many webmaster think webmaster network provides keyword tool, but I think what keywords tools no site statistics tools come accurate, here is of course the noble baby webmaster tools, the specific situation below:

the site long tail keywords >

mining more effective long tail keywords

test the link role of

website external links at a glance

input after the completion of the test button click the test, move the bottom to see results, such as the success of the shield display effect:

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