To solve the three problems of the software allows you to stand more favored by the users

is now the Internet has already become a everyone eager to make money in the market, the way to make money more and more, have to click on ads, money selling products and services through the Internet and so on. Among them, a way to download some software to get the Commission also guide the user through the page wangzhuan. But also fierce station software market, many webmaster to do stand, but one day there are a few people to download software. This is a very painful thing.

why not these software download embarrassing situation? In fact, big reason is the site of some existing problems, and these problems are not friendly to the user in the course of time, reduce the user experience, then no one would dare to download your software. In the face of these problems, and how should we break one by one? Here I come to you and simply discuss it.

(1) and some related websites pop ads. Many owners do not pay attention to the choice of pop ads, they will just think what profit as election which, without considering the correlation between advertising and website. Independent pop ads will not only let users dislike, will distract the attention of the user, increase your bounce rate, users are more hate this website.

pictures and flash is one of the best tools for decoration site, but the abuse of pictures and flash is a foolish behavior. Because too many pictures and flash will cause the site open speed is too slow, but also may affect the speed of software users to open the download link, some impatient users may even give up waiting for few seconds to download, the impact is very bad.

in order to obtain more profits, many webmaster will cooperate with advertising, and then to his station software embedded advertising code, which is of course without rebuke. Which window advertising profit is the highest, so many owners also love many embedded advertising popups code. But these friendly pop ads will greatly reduce the user experience. Try to think of a user on your site, immediately pop up several not fit to be seen pop ads, turn off, that is how disgusting

problem: no friendly pop ads harmful

& & solution: I think we should try to reduce the image and flash to decorate, after all your website is to guide the user.

Question two: ?

website there are too many pictures and flash


& & solution:


(2) pop ads to do regular closed, and the best off advertising comes with voice, which can effectively save the server space, improve the site open speed, but also allows users to reduce the interference and influence of advertising.

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