Shanghai Longfeng people how to achieve the ultimate content

Shanghai dragon is a classic way of marketing, the current search environment has changed, but the search marketing derived more branches, such as micro-blog search, shopping search and so on, even behind the WeChat search for a class of things. In the era of big data, with data overload, the search is essential. As long as the search can be optimized.

is currently the Shanghai dragon is no longer individual acting time, only cooperation can win. Here refers to the cooperation "


well, in the field of Shanghai dragon, how to fix this problem? Here are just a few suggestions to share the direction of the specific implementation details, everyone according to their own characteristics to explore.

is not afraid of deep alley, this sentence is too naive. Even if your wine really ten fragrance, but a large number of automobile exhaust, industrial pollution and other serious interference will make you the wine taste, or even completely cover your nose, you never let the light of day. You have good content, never waiting for fine full self overflow, waiting for the day to qualitative quantitative accumulation. Especially the Internet, noise too much garbage, the audience was too short, "not born dead" in the day of the tragedy staged. You don’t move, others move, you lose. So, to take the initiative, initiative to develop platform resources, take the initiative to contact partners, take the initiative to expand marketing channels, do not hang in a tree, also want to have a sense of crisis at any time.

no, no marketing. No content marketing, go not lasting road route, not farther wide, but narrower. Often hit in this place, a place to hit, always constantly on the run.

original is a thankless task that is a very inefficient thing. If you are still personal webmaster, if you still small team fighting, don’t take this route. Capable of many online, online a lot of resources, the era of big data, where there is no good? You have to do, is how to deal with these online search over resources. Little things, different content, through the ingenious arrangement, the rectification process, can increase the derivative value, take on an altogether new aspect of the unexpected. This is not a very shameful thing, this is very clever, but also anti-aging, life extension practices. Instead of pressing their brains, scratching their heads to the original, it is better to spend time to search and processing. You can understand all the pseudo original, but it certainly has more meaning than pseudo original.

but now is not to engage in Shanghai Dragon technology, send the chain can sleep without any anxiety. Not the content of the Shanghai dragon is bullying, Shanghai should be included in the scope of Longfeng content marketing, content of the Shanghai dragon is the most powerful, but through the content to do Shanghai dragon is the biggest difficulty.

Don’t wait for

1, don’t think about the original

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