GG advertising some of the ideas of QQ group lectures

webmaster exchanges and mutual aid (group number 17770150) – 20070824

  reference: learn from the information on the donew: Google (Google) Shiva Seattle R & D center director said in an interview with sina today, Google Adsense through the system automatically determine invalid clicks, once found invalid clicks, the system will automatically reduce the net station advertising click price. This is undoubtedly
we use GG advertising owners a severe blow to
Google is is always smarter than you always a lot smarter than you

but       what is the current situation of

2. a person can only have one account

3. competitive advertising    

4. modify or modify the GG display    

5. using iframe to obtain high priced keywords display

on the competitive advertising       GG will be very unhappy, see a lot of stations on the theme of the above Baidu promotion, put the following GG, can only say to you, you have violated.

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