Several coup site fast rising

Keywords The

site will share out! If the master have a better way, sincerely invite message. (source: www.2007times贵族宝贝 please keep the connection)

four: self coup

a coup: superiority of

said quickly get good love Shanghai ranking is every webmaster’s dream! But it is not easy! The netizen search service network to share the rapid optimization of brother Lu several site


search engine has a characteristic, domain name age longer, giving higher weight. I believe that many webmaster had saved a few old corn? Why don’t you do a few days short? For the national day seven day search hot words, quickly earn short-term long tail word ranking, the author recommends the use of registered more than 1 years old is not punished the domain name, the long tail word can do.


website to select a unique title as a keyword, such as Internet search service of the radar network, and then to Post Bar, forums, etc. know answer questions and guide others to search you set for your exclusive keyword search volume, when accumulated to a certain amount, will now love Shanghai index, so there is exclusive index keywords of their

server, we all know. A stable server is the basic guarantee of achievement of the value of the site. Search engine server has a certain division, independent IP server website is really easy to optimize, ask a few webmaster, holding the independent IP server to do

serverHow much influence the

coup two: higher product phase domain

: the construction of some special coup three page

!A few small coup fast optimization

most owners are usually site optimization, optimization of staring at the page keywords, there is little to optimize the inside pages, it is because a page does not have too much value. But with the special page, page classification is not so the construction site. The webmaster can make some special pages long tail word small hot words, the several Links conversion post depiction to the topic page. If the competition is not too large, then the corresponding keyword will be highlighted.

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