How to optimize the site navigation station

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system. Many people may not see the navigation website article system, however, I want to introduce today is this article system, we believe that when doing the shopping mall system, are often used in the system. Obviously, the routine with us to do the main site was not linked. However, the mall system is how to hook it? Key words inserted into selling goods in the article, and give to the product sales page. So, after the release of several articles, obviously can construct a complex link level. Included, snapshots with spider crawling up, frequently, the website will go up. The navigation website can also do the same, the difference is we need to insert in the article is the main keywords, keywords, long tail keywords. Link to the home page and the content page, when necessary, can also link to the site classification in specific address. This problem should be included to obtain the basic solution, the snapshot will go up.

2, soft Wen promotion, personally think that the search engine algorithm regardless of the future.

navigation website, before I have searched, the less and less. Personal analysis, on the one hand is because the number of navigation site less; on the other hand, is usually the result of previous site navigation is taken by the unconventional optimization method, such as Internet cafes and cooperation in the browser home page set to the navigation station; for instance software bundled, install the software can automatically generate the navigation station.

site navigation is different from conventional content sites, it is usually derived from the link more, the content is relatively small. According to this character, I developed a scheme like this:

4, before, I would like to try to add nofollow tags on the home page, to prohibit the chain into the weight of all; but I did not work, I do not know you have no opinions or suggestions.

today I discuss the means of optimization, network optimization method is most people can achieve. Site navigation is not the same, the case for reference, hoping to play a role.

2, the directory page settings; classification. Many of the navigation station, we need to classify these links, and produce a single page, reflected on the navigation bar. Of course, my suggestion is that stratification should not be too much, the best visual range of two to three in the.


1, the chain is to be done, the place also is a kind of blog, it no longer.

first, the station optimization

the second station optimization

1, regardless of the content set; station or navigation station, title, keywords, description tag is still very important. Optimization of good, and the visual nature of the site, is very friendly to search engine.

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