The medical industry website editor of the editorial bidding secret

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‘s bid for the hospital has not enough attention, especially some hospital has to take the homepage as for landing page, if the site navigation do good, users can also find the information she wants, if done well, it could lose the wife of another the soldiers, not to spend money is not to be transformed. Good for the can help us get more patient counseling, which translates into treatment, create more profits for our hospital.

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medical industry website is very competitive, as long as the money thing, even kill one thousand self harm eight hundred, he is also willing to, it is inevitable to form the competition. As for search engine marketing, you will see a familiar word – love Shanghai auction. A lot of medical industry hesitate to open bidding, but the effect is different. Some hospitals, because the auction brings a large number of patients, the consultation, to obtain income. But some hospitals, it is a waste of money, but also did not bring a few patients. What is the reason? An important reason is that advertising on the landing page does not do well, we all know that the input site to reduce advertising, need to do some long tail keywords, then in view of these long tail keywords, you have to say a problem: for the editor. This is the long tail keyword bidding ads landing page, when we open the bidding must be paid attention to. I spent a lot of time for editing, and accumulated some experience, then out to share with you, please each other.

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through the introduction of the above, everyone must understand, the bidding is through money to acquire ranking, directly in Shanghai so we don’t need to worry about no traffic. So, how will these flow into consulting, advisory capacity, that is the meaning and the auction center. Here, we take a look at how to write for the

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spoke for the first to know about the price, this is mainly about the love of Shanghai bidding for promotion, it is the simple search engine as a marketing model of pay per click, the search engine provides access for us, we pay for their own advertising before, to attract users to click, and the pay is through bidding we want a promotional landing page users search for specific keywords can find this page, there is a very important task is to allow users to achieve transformation, there are three parts: first, the need to pay attention to the title to attract users to click; two, provide the most advantage of the treatment we can provide three, let the user or products; effective consultation.

A and keywords. Write the bidding, the most important thing is to clear, we want the user through what keywords to the landing point to the article page, so the first is to determine the keyword bidding. This note is to have one.

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