Four key points of the website construction of the external connection and the matters needing atten

a lot of e-commerce personnel will do for the realization of Shanghai dragon one of the important means of network marketing, although relatively early late it hard, as long as the keywords once ranked the follow-up work often becomes easy and simple, as long as the consideration in the content of the website and the connection construction, pay attention to the server space factors, the general ranking is not stable a very difficult thing, whether early or get good rankings on the website in the website optimization, website external connection construction must follow a few key points to make our website to obtain good search engine trust, and improve website weight stable ranking. Below the author several core points in the process of construction of outreach and everybody to share.

first, the correlation between the external links site. The correlation of outreach to the website ranking will undoubtedly play an irreplaceable role, also we are required for the web site when the external links of a lot of attention increases close to or similar connection, mainly in, when we release the product information to find and our products related to the forum or in the information platform. For the above website to do outreach will undoubtedly increase the correlation of connection for the site, not only provides a good guide for users to find, but also it is beneficial to increase the user experience and obtain the precise flow, one of the links is also our relationship can not be ignored in the construction of key outreach, relevance of friendship connection construction on the website of the overall weight has a very great help, some industries are relatively remote can look for similar products or station Close to the site do friendship connection, these are more or less on the website ranking play a good role in promoting.

second, persistent website external links. This is a lot of new friends to one of the most easily ignored, just on the line at the site when heat is often high, the article do outreach every day, but a month later, the connection to the hair, or gradually scarce, this is very bad, the weight station just on the line is generally very low. Step by step process of search engines in the process of trust website weight slowly accumulated, when the site just to pick up the outside suddenly dropped or reduced in quantity, have a very great impact on the trust degree of new sites in the search engine, often face the risk of being down the right, there is a way, some friends of the new sites online to speak, with a lot of bulk software wantonly release connection, then the initial effect of feeling good, so relax vigilance, continue to do the operation, and the pen Who can tell this friend, your site is K sooner or later, perhaps just by sites such as profit this way is in limbo, that is the The loss outweighs the gain. Is the above two with deep hatred and resentment for the extreme practices of the author, hoping to arouse people’s attention, their hard to do the site is not easy, many novice to beg, in order to make the site to get the ranking, this process is very hard and difficult, so I hope you cherish the fruits of their labor. The author suggests that in the operation of the new station on the line on the outside

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