Cloud claw network marketing let tracking competitors extrapolation included rankings is no longer d


the small to recommend products called, is developed by operation at the limited company of science and technology, intelligent network marketing platform is a set of planning, implementation, management and monitoring in one. Cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system to intelligent cloud processing system based on high technology, through cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud capture, cloud statistics and other powerful features of accurate extrapolation effect monitoring network, a one-stop solution to tracking competitors included rankings of how to do this extrapolation puzzling many webmaster first problem let the network become simple extrapolation.

so in the future we no longer have to track competitor extrapolation included rankings and worry about what to do, with editorial recommendation to promote this artifact all for your promotion of the road will be more smooth, and can be used in addition to income monitoring competitors ranking extrapolation, survival analysis and management system of network marketing cloud claw can also be used to view the promotion link and supervision of the work progress of their team members and the major platform promotion effect, cooperative operation monitoring team to help managers better, to work better and adjust the marketing plan.

said the network promotion is really a painstaking trouble chore, light attention to your own website does not say, but also to spend time to track the competition promotion effect, find out the most favorable promotion direction. In short for the individual owners, all busy thing is too much! While monitoring their okay, tracking competitors do extrapolation included rankings but it makes a lot of people have a headache, so Xiaobian specially for everyone brought a promotion

artifact!Cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system

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