Shanghai dragon is the bounden duty of usability of a web site

of a page can be said to be the first target of each search to browse the website, website content on the web page layout should as far as possible the related content of different background between the keyword and the promotion, rather than the 1 bombing of the content listed in page, I think this is particularly prominent in the the medical website content construction. The text layout of web content as much as possible in the upper part of the human vision, if a site is in a picture, not what the article, this site can be said to users is a display of feeling no choice, this is contrary to the original intention of user keyword search.

a user can not be generally accepted, availability is the only user judgment standard, this is reflected in the availability of users of products using the threshold, the appearance of the product product availability, ease of use. I think this is a standard for judging the usability of the website.

2, websiteThe content of

Location layout of


said the Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, optimization of the things that one website, the website is for users to use Oh, Shanghai dragon’s duty is the possibility of creating a web site, this is the need to remember each Shanghai dragon ER. You have to get our website usability user >

if a website to build the website of Shanghai dragon ER what is important, what this website also means what is not important, many Shanghai dragon ER although the heart knows, but the implementation of the website or website without a sense of hierarchy, a sense of the level of performance in the web site pictures, text, links on. Three the layout reflects the usability of a website.

3, websiteThe

is the site level

site layout is generally reflected in the design of network navigation, one or two stage side directory, breadcrumbs, product page, a reasonable location layout, should be the user click on a page is to know where the page content is similar and search intention. This is the best location layout in Jingdong, Taobao, Amazon reflected.

recently ears hear the most still certain web sites are K, certain websites were restored in Shanghai, love crazy, and love in Shanghai also issued a dense website of Shanghai Longfeng some foul judgment standard, but love Shanghai and owners seem to have forgotten the essence of a search, search usability, web usability. Most of the occasions in the search market can say, search availability = website usability. Shanghai dragon is the bounden duty of usability should play in the website, and love Shanghai’s duty is to build a search availability, instead of 123 with the rules that flicker webmaster, it seems in the trend of Shanghai dragon station induced by Nagato in disguise, let stand out to build web site available changmen essence.

The text layout of

so let’s see how a site should be available.

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