Nine wins colorful Valley mall CPS advertising, please head to putFrom a primary station to grassroo

League address:

        data returned every Friday at three p.m.. Please actively launch this advertisement, first cast, first make, more cast, earn more!

said that by the end of 2006, for the better not find Wangzhuan project, stop, a friend and a AD44 vote inside the feud about the lottery lottery to study it, it had the effort, a little success, then, start out collect membership model, I not quite agree with this method, so did not engage in large, small, but my luck seems to be especially good for 07 years in the first half of the year, even in the 5W, so in the second half when I quit my job, a year later, the total earned about 7, 8W looks like only in December 2007, when playing badly, continuous lost 2W, his wife will not let any more, I also feel about, play will lose out, just leave. Because of no work, went to work in 2008, during the work to play the dragon and tiger, was just luck ran out in 2007, so a year in 2008 have saved some money, because I do art studio late, so time to go home at the end of 08 with several businesses, do now this is my occupation. At the same time network to open up the Taobao store, have no credibility, no business, had to rise to the credibility of early drill is really not less money not brush that is cheap to sell QB, between exposure to a thing called QCC, the project seems very good, hard to spend 1000 a fast agent, now this is a big difference, hey.

, everybody:

                                                              & nbsp;;                                                     nine wins advertising alliance

network is a good platform to make money, a lot of people in it made a fortune, I is currently full-time on the network to make money, but not what fortune is little money! First time posting on A5, literary talent is not good, please forgive me the webmaster.

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

finally to drill, but business is not the way you want it to be good virtual items, no money, no good sources, and do not make money, and half.

first self introduction, occupation: studio, post Art full-time network access, part-time to do a small grassroots webmaster, while looking for some money making project, life pressure is too large, have to explore.

Taobao !

contact the Wangzhuan, dates back to 2005, the first known project is the news times, there may be a lot to do, because I am not good at pulling off the assembly line, so halfway and fees, most later contacts are on the class project, earn less money, also know some do Wangzhuan friends to exchange ideas, the first to earn money in the network above items should be AD44 vote, should be made about 500 above, should be the first cash Wangzhuan AD44 later, because the business volume is not large, but also did not do this, know do foreign friends hang class but not too. For me, there are some network marketing projects, of course for me this entry-level rookie, certainly had cheated, that is still at the beginning of 08 the above had been cheated, the sweat ah.

        the league’s new colorful Valley mall CPS into advertising. The products are rich in variety, attractive in picture, high in click rate, high in turnover rate and high in commission.

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