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do you want to know what is the secret of success? Before I tell you the answer, I would like to introduce myself. I often come up with a lot of new business ideas, some are good, some are bad, but most of these ideas are still fruitless. Because I forgot to write them down and often forget the idea in second days. Of course, because I will love myself with some ideas in the handwriting of old yellow pad, but also often because of illegible handwriting without intention. It is the old habits die hard.

usually, I will think of ideas into practical business. Based on energy saving ideas, I co founded my first company, a hot window manufacturing company, when I was only 26 years old. In spite of the difficulties in the course of our business, we persuaded a small local bank to lend us the money to buy equipment and stock. Although it was a tough start, we managed to sell the company 7 years later. Since then a few years, I will not repeat this cycle, have different ways to shuttle in several different industries: Radio (Creative Technology (good, bad), insurance (creative) and creative marketing (good, bad), market survey (creative) good ideas). And when you try a few more entrepreneurial, you will find that your success rate is only 33%. I’ll leave it to you to prove it.

real secret

before, when someone asked me what the secret of success is, I used to answer is how to sell. But then there was a time when the business cycle was repeated, and the answer I gave was to reduce the risk. But now, when you look at them, these answers are wrong. Admittedly, these are necessary for entrepreneurial success, but the real secret is to listen to the needs of users, rather than their own imagination needs".

in the past few years, I have done a survey, interviews, observation of nearly 100 thousand customers. During the interview, I came to realize that when a lot of companies think their company is in control, it is far from the case. I began to think of these powerful customers as "customer CEO" because they could point out which companies were really able to meet their own needs. Now, I have written a book about "customer CEO" to change the enterprise: how to translate the power of customers into profit. In my research, I have found that cash customers have 9 forces. This book describes the 9 forces of the customer and how each enterprise successfully attract customers.

today is different from the past, due to the current free flow of information, the user is now in control. The development of science and technology means that the company can no longer control the information that customers can know. Now, nothing can be a secret. Know that your clients will always be roller coaster. One minute you may be your "loyalty"

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