Shanghai dragon how to do image optimization


The images using the appropriate size

we have seen many pictures of the site will have a watermark, there are two main watermark effect, is a promotional site, another is the witness of copyright. Now may the role of the second has yet to play up oh. But the first effect is obvious. But we must pay attention to doing the watermark, don’t let the watermark affect the entire picture feeling, that would work against the.

keyword in the picture around with

enterprise website is many products, a lot of pictures, if not a lot of optimization if it is difficult to achieve the desired effect of Shanghai dragon. Here is how to optimize the picture.


using GIF or JPEG image format


learned Shanghai dragon friend must know the ALT label, but we do not have to pay attention to the ALT label. Especially in the post or process, there are many pictures may be copied on the matter. Cause some pictures no ALT label, label is click to the next page of this meaningless tag. Do ALT label means not only each image to describe the ALT tag, but also the label integrity, a good ALT label is written with a brief picture of content words can be summarized. Of course, remember to add a keyword in the oh.

can not only increase the picture around the picture with the keyword in the keyword search rankings, but also conducive to the interpretation of the image search engine, included pictures. In order to increase the flow from the picture.

method steps

format images and pictures not only related to the size of the compatibility with the browser, there is a certain relationship. If the picture format will appear color distortion, even incomplete display is like. Now the general is GIF and JPEG format. We do not recommend using PNG or BMP format, this format two volume is very large.

control the number of images

text, pictures of the volume is large. If the picture is too likely to "will increase the volume of the web page loading speed slow. At the same time, if the picture size is too small, and can not play the desired effect. Therefore, everyone in the site to use pictures, we must consider the size of the picture. So in general how much is appropriate? This is not a definite value, but suggest you go take a look at several big websites using the picture size, this should be a reference.

in a web page, the picture is not fine is much, too many pictures will not only increase the page size, but also increase the difficulty of layout. Therefore, unless it is a picture stand, generally recommend a web page.

tools / materials

do ALT tag

do image watermark


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