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first I need to explain I am a novice, in site and optimize your site process sleepwalk made some mistakes, don’t mind being a BS. I started taking some long tail keywords, in particular those words can not remember. I remember these words consist of a big competition (and high index), a moderate competition, a competition of small (and is not what index). I think in this way, they can make their living space while preserving the development space.

I wrote in her article, soon Google included my quit network, and have some rankings. Nearly half a month, found love Shanghai also included, when the big problem. My name is stop analytical, I use the foreign domain name, buy in Taobao, the official said registration of domain name service I (my name is seller) illegal sites, and the accounts of suspected cheating buy my domain, so lost, the site stopped a week later replaced now the domain name.

I keep writing articles, such as new sites was collected soon arose. Because I be negligent caused the corresponding record, the keyword index I document is wrong. No way, had to change the title, description etc.. This is a big change with the ins and outs of small change, Google is my K stand off, but not what big movement in Shanghai. It included slow is not what bad thing, it has its own reason.

I don’t want to do this product, the first is I’m not familiar with this product, I am lazy ah, but also with limited energy, they are not familiar with the things to write the theme a bit difficult. The second is the product competition is not small, I am just a search can be found with Taobao on the first page of the guest. But I found the key words about this product a lot, also many long tail words, and index is generally high. As a "good method" what "best to quit smoking, smoking cessation products" and so on, these words have 20000 daily search volume also has nearly tens of thousands of ah, but you are unable to verify these data now. At that time I could not find what I can do for the product, then the site, I picked some index is good, the words did not what people do to optimize. So I stood was born.

is probably at the beginning of May 2011, I made a guest station, it was my first station. I find the process is not very long, but also very carefully to find, because I walk not difficult also not far, but the wrong way. By chance I met a product, the Commission is good, is also very suitable for online selling. I love Shanghai in the search, did not dare to say a lot of people, but the competition is still not small, there is sex extension in Shanghai.


what kind of keywords in a few months from the day of search volume 20 thousand down to 20 or even less than 5 days.

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