Links cheated Four teach you to prevent cheating Links dry cargo

contact Shanghai dragon industry novice, Links is a very troublesome and tedious problems, for example, how to judge whether should change, is not to pay attention to related industries, is not to pay attention to key words, traffic is not to pay attention to the number of thesaurus and so on.

understand what is Links cheat, after common practices and Links deception, to focus on the next Xiaobian share several dry cargo of how to prevent Links cheating.

2, note that the nofollow and robots.txt

first, we want to know what is Links cheat. Links deception called, is through communication means, technical means to achieve a one-way links to your website to his website.

hard learned, skilled when how to change the link, you still have to pay attention to a very important problem, that is Links deception.

For many

3, use robots.txt or nofollow to disable the weight transfer.

3, not too much entanglement

1, the first analysis of the other

if you get your hands on a new station, and the other is a matter included, rankings, traffic is how to take the initiative to find your website for links, you must be vigilant! Links utilitarian is more and more strong, almost impossible to meet the kindness to bring you new weight "friends", so, once the "big hearted" to help you, he is a liar to the possibility of very large.

also has the kind of you after that, he would say that misoperation ah, not careful, then put your link, a few days later. So, if you encounter this kind of "friendship" link, simply.

two, Links deception species


a lot of liar after arriving at the Links exchange intention, second days or third days to put you under the link, when you ask him, for various reasons will excuse, for example, your website structure is not good, your website is too slow to update, website industry is not suitable, the website is linked to the horse and so on, and then asked you adjust your site.

When you

to xxx贵族宝贝/index.html to do link exchange.

three, how to prevent Links cheat


1, secretly remove the link, or to any excuse not on your link.

4, the use of program code shielding love Shanghai spiders, has also become a snapshot of

a lot of primary crooks will add nofollow tag when adding Links, to prohibit weight transfer. Or is prohibited in the robots.txt search engine to crawl this connection.

, to do good work, must first sharpen his tools.

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