Love is actually Shanghai optimization rules can be found



first, the general regularity, in the title, description, and key words, I do not have what idea, is to simplify the words, let them use a separate guarantee, words don’t too much, try to make it clear and generous, but don’t stack keywords, do not have some sensitive words, sensitive keywords that sure to be finished, as for what sensitive keywords I will not say ah, ha ha, I think in the description is the title to some description must have, the most important is to form a word, not so hard, I is the most commonly used XX company mainly engaged in the main business is what or what here is the key, on the line, try to make it smooth, and the amount of customer requirements on the phone, there is a telephone consultation what can be, I The basic is to do so, the results were OK, this is what I call the law, don’t ask why. The last is the key, this is not important, I’m not feeling, it depends on how you look at it, I actually put him as a place to increase the density of keywords, the use of what is now the title party line for a comma.

does not really affect the appearance, is also very obvious that the search engines to crawl, this is our understanding of a regular search engine is to pay attention to the things on the left, in fact, is to pay attention to in front of things. There is the left side of the layout, I generally are placed on the left side navigation, this is conducive to grasp, also can put the latest dynamic here for >

is not giving the viewer, is to look to the search engines, the anchor point, put it, this position is the best position, and rely on the anchor Wendian, and when this place is animation, so I put it.

Hello, I was in Harbin recently, the actual web design, a lot of things, sometimes really tired, every day is not the contact, are doing some management and maintenance, there is a business in Shanghai, the Dragon actually alienated a lot recently, because the server problems, their the website ranking has dropped a lot, but after the observation I found that the problem is possible in the search engine optimization and the relationship between our own, not just think and we talk about optimization rules, I treasure the nobility, is not very understanding, but still very love to know Shanghai, because Shanghai has been in love in fact, love Shanghai search engine technology and a baby a lot worse, more often cause the ranking is not stable, and those rankings change radically, It is very common, sometimes the old domain will not forgive.

is the layout of the page, I will use the left right form, it can be put on the animation or image switching, but in the next logo must have keywords, I often use the way.


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