Love Shanghai planning website quality evaluation recommendations document to guide link building

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station network (www.admin5贵族宝贝) April 19th news: a well-known search engine optimization expert Liu Huanbin (Robin) April 18th held in Xiamen learned from last week’s MADCon conference in his blog, love Shanghai web search department is planning to write a web site quality evaluation proposal document, the document written by Lee himself. Robin said Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools after the release, many owners do not know how to use. Now the biggest problem is in front of you, do not know from which links should be denied. The site quality evaluation document after the release of Shanghai love, it will have a positive significance on the Shanghai Longfeng link building work.

March 19th, Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools to formally open all website, webmaster only need to complete the verification in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform can use the tool. Site if there is low quality junk links may bring negative effects to the website, love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools can find links to low quality, such as false spam links, if difficult to find other ways to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool. At present, the tool chain type supports the main domain, site, and several forms of the page directory.

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started in October last year, love Shanghai to upgrade its algorithm, to crack down on cheating hyperlink. Buy links, the mass of the chain, linked to the black chain operation tried to search engine ranking cheating by a blow. And to promote the site by high quality natural chain and other formal means to optimize the site and increase website user experience and content quality. Shanghai refused to love outside the chain of tools can help to get rid of the rubbish site outside the chain, to avoid the negative impact. But many webmaster said they did not know what should reject from the link to the site, said even using a period of time has no effect. More webmaster analysis that if today rejected this chain, again how to do tomorrow. I hope love assessment document put forward proposals for Shanghai website quality, to search engine optimization more effective guidance. (Yang Yang /

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