Some methods of online advertising



A, shop label to choose

B, the announcement mainly reflected recent storm, special offer discount price, promotion, freight information, need not garish, as long as a few seconds to locate the bindings, customers stay or leave.

C, the category of shops, large directory category icons with text subdirectory. Picture brightness to category size, harmonious and consistent style.

D, select the best price of the baby, special baby do window booth baby.

E, be sure to set the special treasure area.


promotion strategy:


as much as possible to link and collection, collection and links are many, will increase your baby in the customer search rankings. Have the cheek to please the ball diamond seller Links you. Advertising effect will be better, do not link the credibility of their own people.


immediately set up their own recruitment agent announcement. Recruitment agents – these words is a very good advertising strategy, in Google and Baidu, Taobao and other search to make your store occupies the first place in the rankings, increase the actual amount does not recruit. If someone comes to call, he said: you have the city agent.


when your writing posts 20, 30 replies. Your post will be linked to your window baby will follow the show out. Those who repling is your potential customers. You do not have to personally write stickers, online look at what you can paste. 200 words suitable.


takes advantage of your personal space, which is a good advertising area.

E, baby name must make full use of 30 words. Do not appear strange symbols, otherwise it will affect the customer search.

F, put your Taobao store address is always on the first quick reply, when the customer needs, a second to her, so that customers feel that you are very professional, very good at the first feeling is not very important.

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