WeChat index 3 times in Shanghai triggered the Shanghai dragon dragon ASO and WEO


BAT first by the giant gangster love Shanghai officially announced the "love Shanghai cancel news source", the cancellation of the cause of the Internet PR

I think, "the launch of WeChat index, let more old generation Internet marketing practitioners, especially the traditional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners saw a light and auspicious gas, in the mobile Internet era of rapid development of Shanghai dragon er who will abandon the PC stick to the original end position, fought in the mobile Internet mobile Shanghai Dragon, Shanghai Dragon 3 era.

says much about the recent internet events, now.

Public opinions are divergent. circle;

Tencent announced the "WeChat small program six new functions, open to individual developers permission, once again caught the attention of the public, the network media reports suddenly overwhelming.

then Tencent officially announced that WeChat launched "WeChat big data index analysis system, so that the Internet circle exploded, the major media have reported this event at the same time, all speculation Tencent Inc real intention;

recently, the Internet circle is really falling out of the sky, the process of ups and downs, stopping a film like Internet circle. If you are in the circle of Internet practitioners, must have the same idea with the phantom CEO.

do not know love, Shanghai index has been successfully operated for many years, and in the commercial operation has achieved breakthrough development; and "fall in love with the sea light application just to the market, Robin Li also love Shanghai CEO full of fighting spirit, intent to kill the APP app store, it broke down, the commercial product has been abandoned.

product launch for a long time, but its commercial operation is not successful, before WeChat launched "WeChat store" product features, and achieved a breakthrough with the Alibaba lose battle head broken and bleeding.

WeChat Shanghai WeChat index index challenge love small program with sea light application


index caused by the network media continue to focus on


WeChat index quietly on the line to meet the Shanghai Dragon 3 era

WeChat launched

however, the launch of the "WeChat index" and "WeChat apps" was hit in Shanghai love gun. "WeChat index" and "love Shanghai index" bar, "WeChat apps" and "fall in love with the sea light application" confrontation.

challengeI don’t speculate because WeChat


I think at this time, WeChat launched "WeChat apps" and "fall in love with the intention of sea light application so similar, but depending on the smug, however" whether WeChat apps "will go on to repeat," love sea light application of commercial old? Some people would say "WeChat began to worry?"

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