What other factors outside chain construction plays a role can not be ignored

three, the chain construction should not only pay attention to those high weight website

website optimization is mainly composed of two aspects to determine the effect, that is the content of the website and the site outside the chain of the two part, the chain has occupied half of the country in Shanghai Longfeng do website optimization, website optimization Shanghai dragon will not consider the construction of the external links. However, many of the Shanghai dragon website optimization factors but foreign chain construction practitioners should pay attention to do not understand that the construction of the chain is more, but the effect is not ideal. In fact, the chain to high quality, most people know this truth, but there are some other factors such as foreign chain construction plays a role can not be ignored. Here, Xiaobian to introduce some factors needing attention in the construction site outside the chain.

two, the construction of the chain from a different domain number the better

Shanghai dragon

, in the code above is the anchor text of the chain and its effect on the

external links in the page position, which show the values are not the same. Generally speaking, if the chain around the position of the content has great correlation with the links, or links.

to do the construction of the external links, should pay attention to the source of the chain widely degree. That is, the external link building, can not do the chain in only a few sites, but should vigorously develop new website, to diversify the sources of chain website, this website is one of the chain code. The benefits of doing so is not only can be obtained from a number of domain name transfer over weight, but also to resist the risk of a certain domain name chain losses, stable website weight. If the chain source domain is less, and these names cannot be opened once, right down the chain, delete some uncontrollable situation, the website will lose a lot of the chain, the website weight might drop sharply, which is unfavorable for the stability of the website ranking.

we should know the search engine spiders to crawl the web content from the code to achieve, then grab the order is also used in crawling, grabbing the first chain page more and more important, so the chain weight transfer is also higher. So, we do in the chain construction, if we can control the position of the anchor text page, then we should be the anchor text links appear in the content of the page begins as well.

website construction of the chain, not only to find those high weight website, and more attention should link the site number. Optimization of practitioners in the optimization of the web site of Shanghai Longfeng site many, often only pay attention to those high weight website, and some of the relatively low weight site is ignored. This is actually a misunderstanding, how much do the chain to be the focus of the site of the chain, which should not only focus on the level of weight. The low weight site as long as the chain, the chain is stable, this website is also very worthy to do outside of the chain.

, four different external links in the page of the position also has its value onDifferent

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