Discussion on promotion model of Taobao

network advertising development for so long, many webmasters have tried various forms of advertising. Cpc, CPT, CPM, CPA, and so on with the development of advertising forms and advertisers to adjust the strategy, more and more advertisers choose to press the billing advertising form. On the basis of accounting has been considered to be relatively healthy forms of advertising, businessmen can make the traditional "pay per click" promotion "to reduce the possibility of fraudulent click", to improve the accuracy of advertising; and can also form a good profit model of stationmaster continued.

take now red hot Taobao guest promotion, Taobao guest promotion is actually a press clinch a deal the promotion mode, promotion as long as the login Ali mother (www.alimama.com) code for goods, any buyers (including yourself) after the promotion of links (a website or blog, shopping network, community posts) into Taobao the seller shops after the completion of the purchase, can get paid by the seller of the commission. This is the official statement, simply to say, I help you sell products, you give me a commission.

recently had issued a special commodity in the website to promote (the site will not say), the effect is very good, probably because unlike other advertising so hard, and it doesn’t have to do everything on the website, forum posting replies, whether e-mail or blog, you can add a promotion the commercial links, the people who buy goods through this link, the business will give you the corresponding proportion of the commission. This new marketing model is indeed very tempting, the difference between him and other B2C website is divided into transaction type and quantity of goods more, promotion can form their own shopping platform, whether it is for the professional or comprehensive promotion for people choose a wider, more suitable for free to play.

is more important is that Taobao has a strong platform for its own resources and a large number of members and market share to do the foundation. According to 08 statistics, the number of online shopping in China has reached 120 million, while most of them are members of Taobao, and Taobao’s turnover last year is close to 100 billion. I do not see Taobao’s great success, but as a Taobao guest this is how big cake, of course, would also like to share a cup of soup. The analysis report released from iResearch believes that first-tier cities have become the online shopping center for its good resource environment and users, development of online shopping market is gradually mature and saturated, the future of a larger user base will be in the two or three line, two or three line area will become the main driving force of the online shopping market in China in 2009 2009, it also ensures that Chinese online shopping market continues to maintain a rapid growth trend. Now there are more other shopping sites will follow such a promotion model, but for me to choose the Taobao customer is mainly due to three points:

1 Taobao huge membership base;

2 the number and variety of goods;

Wide application of Alipay

3 and >

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