How do earn $12500

mixed in the Warrior forum has been for several years, in this forum have learned a lot of things, but has few posts. Remember the beginning Wangzhuan, and everyone else, I have been confused and helpless. Now I’m in the field has been slightly higher, the average monthly income can reach $12500, lately I’ve been thinking about my success cause. I will write the following experience, we hope to be useful.

how did I do that?

most of the steps of the station is generally: to find a suitable theme – to set up a web site – around the subject to write articles. Different from them, I will focus on the search for users to search the Internet and solve problems. I have a website that is unique, others can not copy, which is why I do not mind to share with you here.

is the first step of success: a monthly income of $150

I will provide some government data on the web, these data that is stored in the DVD, I put these data in the form of a web page on the Internet, and provides a search function, convenient for people to access. In addition, the addition of a few simple pages, such as common problems, about us, and so on, so that a website built. This site is very simple, add up to less than 100 lines of code. Then, I did some simple SEO optimization (such as submitting to the site navigation), plus Adsense ad.

from 2001 to 2010, a popular keyword for this station has ranked in the first Google, the front row even in the government website. Without any maintenance, it can bring me a monthly income of $150. Until recently, due to the replacement of the site space, coupled with the data provided by this site are outdated, so I stopped the site.

further success: a monthly income of $12500

soon after, I find a niche in the market, this field has existed in many websites, information is not a lot, but on the user experience and evaluation of such information is very rare, and its advertising click price is very high, I think this is definitely a big field. As a result of the relevant forums to see the comments made by someone, I realized that the user to do a comment class website will be very popular. Off the shelf CMS and WordPress plug-ins are not able to do a direct user comments site, so I started writing a program. Then I in this area is related to the website to promote my website, and the website SEO optimization simple, to ensure that the Google is included, and do some chain construction work (for example, submitted to the site navigation, etc.) this site traffic is a day of frenzied growth.

this site brings me $$12500 a month

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