Grassroots network entrepreneurs start from a professional blog

companies do not recruit candidates, how to do? Your own boss! All kinds of grass root roots always have their own employment job distress, find a secure job, never mind only, cannot go in; when a small staff, overtime wages were low, all unhappy. Can I be a capable grassroots, is an ideal grass root, then rely on their own hands, have ample food and clothing.

grassroots want to start the network, it is best to start from the technical blog.

(technology blog of the non monotonous SEO class, all the techniques can be written blog! Including a station technology, maintenance technology, painting and calligraphy, writing skills, teaching blog, cooking, playing and so on 360 lines can be your best line)

technology blog program selection

now write Bo, Bo technology is not a big threshold to buy a space domain name, select a program to install a key, minutes of things. Recommended blog program WordPress and Z-blog, php space with WordPress, asp space with z-blog. Recommended novice preferred to use WordPress, php+mysql space is a good buy, basically is the space business standard; WP super more powerful plug-in, easy to learn, easy to maintain. Of course, you can also use dedecms, a little difficult to pick up early.

Jian Bo main push procedure: WordPress, after all most want technology entrepreneurship is not the establishment of the grassroots expert, no need to spend too much time on it, the blog is just a tool, we have not asked people to fix.

technology blog content organization

theme selection: the theme of the blog should be the most familiar, most familiar with the market, the best technology, if you are upset, then congratulations, find a good market, if you will be the hot technology, competition, it does not matter, basic competition it means that the market is large, you really write out must be original, engage in competitive differentiation.

written content: content is the soul of the blog, since it is the grassroots blog, early is definitely a person to write, write a one hundred thousand why can you in this industry; can write an industry from scratch tutorial; can be all kinds of tricks; it can be all kinds of information and even foreign Technology Review; the translation and so on. Content 80% should be your own original, the 20% can be reproduced.

release time: full time, should ensure that one day a piece of work, part-time, every Monday or article. Of course, time can be arbitrary, but it is best to ensure a certain regularity.

technology blog marketing promotion

circle promotion: since it is technology, there must be some people in the circle, sharing in the circle, there may be a fellow blogger and you want to go oh! (>

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