Xu Wei, Baoqiang Wang, Robin Li…… Relive those big reversal of life in Beijing

are you cold? The sudden cooling of Beijing, the end of the night to work overtime, feel like "the true story of Agam" in the feathers, in figure RARE street. Chinese textbook said February spring like scissors, then December is the north wind, green dragon saber.

Two days before

with a friend for a drink, he pushed the door into the shop and sat down, he was seven or eight degrees below zero on the chill toward the door.

others are ready to enter the dreamland, my dinner is still lacking." Four or five glasses of wine, while a man of reddish eyes. This is probably each drift have suffered the mood. Even later also casts a thousand beams. who had no speech in the wind walk alone, and the strange feeling of a moment of this sudden city.

survive more than life, there are always some things to support their life stubborn reversal. Let us look at the "big" drift in the difficult quenching moment, good warm all head forward of the soul.

Files 1: his back to Beijing

not find the crowd

and training are not the same, he is out and out the grassroots, 14 year old began to break in Beijing, because learned Wushu by legs Kung Fu in the crowd in the crew, even a figure can not find. The most hungry time to eat 5 steamed bread, wearing the old clothes from the old. Later, he became a "silly root", "Xu", became popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, recently we started talking about: his skill can really have a fight and Donnie Yen. Even if life is hard, he also feels very hopeful. He’s very good. He’s Baoqiang Wang.

Beijing, not dreaming division, himself, is his dream dream person.



file 2: music, warm every drift

music is a lot of people spiritual sustenance in beijing. Beijing and talk the sad and bitter tired of music, only similar music people can tell the North drift. At that time, every night the song came out from the bar at the end of the song, he always wandering in the streets of Sanlitun for a long time, thinking to which a friend home for dinner and spend the night. In Beijing he sang "I fall", "on the road", "every moment is a new", from the corner to million people No one shows any interest in the concert scene, told of his temper and stick to warm. This is Xu Wei. He is a man of music scale drift.

until you have now become you to drift north, do not regret the tireless.


file: 3 Beijing North drift, you happy?

in those years, he and his wife married house, move into a homely food. One year, they moved six times, even their children were born in the process of moving. For many years the duckweed floating in Beijing life, he was tortured by illness and the reality of life produce despair. After.

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