nterpretation of how to make money in three categories of websites

good evening, everyone. Today’s work is over. Before turning off the computer or the habit of writing an article, to re adjust their ideas. What kind of website is now back in airtight world of the Internet can make money? What kind of website popular? Today I will analyze, please understand if I’m wrong.

is now able to monetize the site into three categories

1 information type advertising alliance

method is relatively simple to update the latest information every day, there is focus, explosive news to be updated in time to the site, the disadvantage is that compared to the weight of such sites a lot of high. Timely update can not get good results, the first to attract traffic so that visitors are familiar with the often just the way out. If the flow of about 10 thousand of the daily income will be in 90-100 yuan (recommended: novice webmaster)

2 Taobao customer service

I personally do not recommend Taobao off, you have to have a very high weight of the domain name, and would like to see the results soon to give up the shop class web site class model. And the goods are all the same and it’s hard to say that you will attract the tourists to buy your things. It is tempting to get a high commission, but few people get a high commission. Traffic in ten thousand or so on the basic idea, the idea is good you can thousands, the idea is not good to hang up the 0 (suggested: old station owners, the hands of the high weight of the domain name)

3 entity management plus website.

for example you are opening slimming tea company, the purchase price at 20 yuan, hold your keywords: such as selling slimming tea, most effective slimming tea does not want to sell to the keyword. But the key price is high, if the volume is not high, is a waste of time. Traffic is good, such as weight loss tea for 1/50 of the volume of customer service requirements to be very cow X, you can imagine what the results will be too much traffic. (recommendations: the first to do a good job optimization)

well, say these I can say today is a proposal, it can be said to be experience, but the three categories have a daily income of ten million master. The most important thing is to look at your interests to decide what kind of Web site you choose to make money.

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