Video Google official AdSense Skills Video Tutorials

                AdSense is one of the best advertising options. Of course, in addition to AdSense, Yahoo! YPN is also a good choice, but it has not been officially launched in the country. Many webmasters have applied for AdSense, and then put it into their own website, which is a very reasonable and very normal behavior. Do not affect the case of reading, to provide readers with more relevant information. Net to support the network, this behavior is never too much. If you just put in or intend to put ads, it is recommended to consider Google AdSense. Now, Google is more official to add a video tutorial AdSense advertising skills. It is a pity that all english…. When learning English

according to Amit news, Google produced a series of Flash online video, including the basic use of the AdSense wizard, question answering and a variety of optimization techniques, etc., very comprehensive.

video A: Google AdSense optimization tips and tricks

video two: Google AdSense novice guide

video three: Google AdSense common problem solution

video four: Google AdSense payment process

video five: Google AdSense sample exchange

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