Liu Qiangdong to visit the wholesale market will replicate tens of thousands of East Gate

each reporter Zhang Adams from South Korea


electricity supplier giants have turned their sights on South korea.

yesterday (March 26th), Jingdong cross-border electricity supplier channel South Korea officially announced on the line in Seoul. Coincidentally, the day before the only product in South Korea signed a strategic cooperation on the Korean channel. Prior to this, Alibaba announced to enter the Korean logistics, in order to seize the Korean direct purchase market. Behind this is the positive cross-border electricity supplier policy and electricity supplier going out strategic ambitions.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, internationalization strategy is the priority among priorities this year, plans to complete and China trade more than a dozen countries most of the cross-border business at the end of the year. "At present, Jingdong overseas direct mail, Museum of bonded goods and bonded goods in three modes, but my final thought is to do the general trade and China business model, is the business only in their delivery, the rest done by Jingdong, and does not preclude the establishment of warehousing in the Republic of korea."

logistics costs less than $2 per

since 2013, South Korea surpassed Japan to become China’s largest source of imports. China and South Korea bilateral free trade agreement negotiations work is completed in the day before.


agreement, the liberalization of trade in goods will exceed the proportion of "90% items, trade volume of 85%, then China consumers can easily buy at home to enrich the quality of" zero tariff "Korean goods. This will have a positive impact on the integration process of China, South Korea and the Asia Pacific region.

Liu Qiangdong to South Korea, specially visited Seoul, South Korea’s most famous shopping Wholesale Market East gate. He said, people queuing by listening to the conversation, found that more than half of China tourists in the shopping. If the goods can be delivered to the east gate of every county in China, Jingdong has the opportunity to reproduce thousands of East Gate market.

for consumers, delivery time and transportation costs are most concerned about the topic. At present, China and South Korea EMS every single cost about $8, accounting for a certain proportion of transactions.

South Korea

according to the insiders, in China and South Korea FTA, formulated the "48 hours" principle, and to simplify the delivery of goods duty-free program, which provides more convenience for South Korea to small scale enterprises. The South Korean government is planning to expand the cross-border electricity supplier strategy, the proposed port of Inchon port to Qingdao port maritime distribution system to reduce the cost and time of logistics and distribution.

Jingdong in the developed city, every single logistics cost is $1.2, with South Korea and China through customs, I hope to China Korean goods do not exceed $2 per unit." Liu Qiangdong said that the logistics bonded fast clearance agreement cooperation, is negotiating with Qingdao, Weihai, Lianyungang and other cities later this year to reach cooperation.


Liu Qiangdong to South Korea, another important purpose is to "shopping spree".

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