Female students saw the electronic commerce sell men’s underwear for 1 years to earn 2 million

natural long hair over her shoulders, white dress, red hair, 26 year old Ling Yuhui sat in front of the China Youth Daily reporter said: "my love of dress, so interested in clothes to sell clothing is also very interested in." Ling Yuhui founded the emperor and Mdt InfoTech Ltd, its professional sales website "underwear underwear Empire", the main men’s underwear, plus the store and sale business, achieved sales of 2 million yuan last year.

After graduating from Fudan University,

‘s roommate went to a prestigious school in the UK, a jewelry industry, and a bank in Shanghai to find a stable job. Chose to start selling clothing, Ling Yuhui was once again the same as the father of the cold water poured, however, now the father of my views changed, although the profit is not high, but I do bigger than his sales".

"we have a tradition of doing business in our family". When Ling Yuhui was young, her father taught "girls should be gentle, will do the housework, then wash a bowl of 5 cents, a floor of a piece of money, is the price tag, it makes Ling Yuhui grew very economically minded. To junior high school, because the father and the Taiwanese opened a clothing factory, Ling Yuhui began to be affected by the relevant.

because Fudan University credit system more flexible, Ling Yuhui in the first and second attended many courses, "put a lot of books in the reading are read, and a part-time tutor to do a lot of money into the university after it did not depend on their parents, work has enough money to spend, it is very good". Recall this experience, Ling Yuhui smiled: "the students around also have a job, but not so hard as me."

sophomore, Ling Yuhui in the school of language training outside the school met a teacher, and I like to study clothing, and later the teacher became the first partner of Ling Yuhui. The third, the spare time is abundant, Ling Yuhui began to try to operate in the Fudan BBS proxy version, "I really love playing badminton and then sell a brand badminton shirt". In an intercollegiate badminton tournament, Ling Yuhui sponsored by the Fudan University team, each made a badminton shirt. When the Fudan University and the Tongji University varsity team game, both players were blindsided: their original partner just put the shirt as like as two peas! A number of badminton shirts sold to Tongji University team.

later, the two people in the north of Fudan University opened a shop for students to go out of practice to provide a rental shop – "fashion", but also sell some casual wear. Ling Yuhui did not want to start making money, and later found a good run, the first year of investment return of one hundred percent. Performance so that Ling Yuhui is very excited, her grand plan is: to do the store, immediately have their own brands, to spread throughout the country……"

but at this time, Ling Yuhui had left the first career partner – kaner. At this moment she was depressed

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