Special page for the far-reaching impact of the old site

a good topic can make up a lot of shortcomings of an old site, the old site a lot of things have been first settled, a lot of content pages could not keep up with the progress of the times, more and more its disadvantages gradually also will be exposed, if you do not have a website maintenance you strong enough resources to be. May your site will be faced by Baidu strike, no chance to recover in the first point, the user experience is no way to get a good impression on Baidu, not to mention Baidu to give special weight, how does that do?! revision? But you should know that the revision would cause dead link many of the details not dealt with, it is easy to be Baidu K, probably always weight don’t come back, it is equivalent to maintain several years old site, suddenly fell into disfavor, then disappear Lost in the vast Internet, think of all sad, the search engine is just one less unqualified website, but for the company and SEOER, which is equivalent to a child is not easy to cry piteously for food up, suddenly left you, you can accept me so! The topic is very necessary!

below to analyze the characteristics of the special page it!

believe that many people for some time ago the topic hit the hero Chinese beauty CCTV anchor Jing Chai "under the dome" impressed! A moment on the Internet, the media, the news headlines, most of the old leader of each big video specifically for this event to do a special, special on this hot topic. Haze, believe that as a person we have to search for any news about dynamic haze! This is a hot topic words cause effect, especially when you relate to the interests of everyone, has the characteristics of strong timeliness and spread fast! Of course, this is a big hot spot it relates to the interests of the people of all Chinese angle can lead to so much of the Internet boom based on dynamic! That was for a small company website how to do the special page


: no matter whether you are new or old web site, web page can help you improve your site’s ranking and flow, of course, compared to the old site more necessary!, May and June is a period of turmoil in the search engine, believe that many webmaster bid, the poor quality of the page the optimization of SEO, excessive and sensitive words containing industry websites and so on most of the site’s ranking has been dropped or drop right! The end is attributed to Baidu algorithm change in strategy, change direction, your website does not conform to its standard algorithm, the lower right is behoove thing, of course my site is off, just took less than a month, but many are included, some low quality positioning page, the title also did not write, was wrong, how to do it over the total! Can’t wait to see it fall to the bottom of the valley! That’s a good idea!

second: the website is always not so easy to go up, the time is long and long, but fell down but not a week’s time, I believe that many people and I have the same

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