How do earn 300 yuan a day

in today’s advanced science and technology, the popularity of computer society, more and more people see the business opportunities from here, they chose to pay some creative thinking from the computer, so as to earn more more benefits. This is at present popular on the network "wangzhuan".

For example,

has a lot of understand, but now with Wangzhuan fortune, I tell you how I earn 300 yuan a day.

a QQ chat room in exchange for traffic to do SP business

to go to the registration point of the film alliance, some people may ask, this is still someone to do it? I can tell you, some people do, and some people do more than 1000 yuan a day, of course, there are people who have skills, most of them are spending money to buy. Do a sex page, like (the 5944 free space, it is a waste of space, space is hung up the Trojan horse, when you go to the best open a shadow system, it is the site of insurance) get a few film alliance, registered by hand machine. Then start

hang QQ chat room.

chat room approach is not new, but the real grasp of the key technology is still a small number of people, which is in line with market rules. What is the key? Always the details. On the network, the highest flow chat room than QQ chat room. In addition, QQ is China’s largest use of instant messaging tools, but also China’s largest online dating center. So, in 2006, as long as you use 10 QQ login chat room, you can easily get more than 1000IP traffic. Understand the day to earn 500 yuan project, there is the use of this method to maintain daily traffic reached more than 1100IP. The details of this stage are:

1 using a batch of hanging QQ tool – NoOpenQQ or TenyQQ, with the bulk of these 2 QQ, set to have a QQ camera, so in the chat room will be ranked in front of.

2 using QQ members, showing the red words, more conspicuous, while ranking more forward.

3 will be the use of female gender, age is 21 years old, elegant name or formal name.

4 QQ data can be put on the web site, fill in to be very skilled. For example, "the woman station:, later, QQ chat room upgrade, more strict supervision, so the cancellation of the information in the URL, but you can write some people Fuxiang content, and then induce others and as a friend, the use of hanging Q software is set URL in the automatic reply, also need certain content skill.

During the period of

, there are a lot of people spend lots of money to develop the hang QQ chat room software, a software can occupy all the chat room in a day, daily flow of at least 100 thousand IP, will only be sold to the traffic flow alliance can also get a 10> day

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