Hungry to disclose the latest data white collar market turnover over 30 million


July 24th news, takeaway O2O platform hungry announced the latest data: white collar market turnover exceeded 30 million, the business has covered tens of thousands of communities.

hungry aspects revealed that the white-collar market turnover in the past four months has achieved a growth of more than 10 times. At the same time, hungry business has covered tens of thousands of communities in the country’s 50 core cities to achieve full coverage of the entire region of the whole category.

latest data show that in the first quarter of 2015, China’s Internet catering takeaway white-collar market segment orders up to 50 million single, occupy the overall takeaway market share of 28.5%. Meanwhile, the white-collar market share in the overall takeaway market is also gradually increasing.

analysts believe that the white-collar market has the characteristics of high customer price and customer loyalty, profit space, greater market capacity. But for now, the white-collar market penetration is low, so there is still great potential and space.

in order to seize the white-collar market, hungry in the takeaway category and regional logistics aspects of the deployment. In the food category, hungry to expand in high-end restaurants, meet the needs of different users; in regional logistics, hungry by "self distribution + hummingbird" scheme.

as of July this year, hungry hungry has its own distribution team covering more than 20 of a second tier city in the more than and 100 sites, the rider room more than 3000 people, and has independently developed the "Paladin" and "dynamic" scheduling system of order management App, continuously improve the distribution speed, the average length of 45 in the control room within minutes.

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